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AMAZON INTERVIEW called Rajdeep Paulus Success Story

Book REVIEW on USA Today HEA Blog titled, “Must Read YA”

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2nd Place FINALIST in YAFiction

Writing Contests

Swimming Through Clouds Won several Honors in 2012:

  • Semi-Finalist Genesis Contest (YA Fiction)
  • Finalist (2nd Place) NORWA (YA Fiction)
  • Finalist Women of Faith Full Manuscript (top 30 out of 660 entries)
  • Finalist Wisconsin RWA Honorable Mention (YA Fiction)

Book Reviews:

Just thought I’d share a few links to Book Reviews on Swimming Through Clouds that Readers have so graciously offered to post after they read my first novel.

READ over 100 Reviews at Amazon and then write your own! :)

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At Reviews and Musings:

At India Moms Connect:

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At: GoodReads

Author Interviews and Articles:
NEWEST: On To Love, Honor, and Vacuum:
                  “Insecurity in Marriage”
NEWER: On Masala Mommas:
NEW:  On Talking Cranes:
NEW: On Brown Girl Magazine:

WINNER! The Color of Tomorrow: *Read first two chapters!

 On Go Teen Writers! Talking Diversity in YAFiction!

“Bringing Rainbows to Literature”

  On my Agent’s Blog – Chip MacGregor:

“A Newbie Writer’s First Trip Around the Marketing Block”


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Rajdeep is Back: Author Interview

Perfect Clouds Blog Tour Stop #5: “On Gardening”

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On Playlist Fiction:

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Don’t Fridays make you wanna dance? On The Soulfest Blog

LIVE: On My Menopause Fix

NEWEST! On The Soulfest Blog:

LOVE THIS! On the Glen Cove Patch: Sunrise Date on the Beach

Also on Glen Cove Patch: “Be Our Guest” with Locust Valley Jesters

On Canada’s MaClean’s Magazine: A Niagara Falls Love Story

On Love & Intimacy: The Infamous Proposal

On Sheila Gregoire’s “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum”:
Top Ten Hardest Things to Share after saying, “I Do.”

On Nomi Network: *”Nomi Network unites fashion and fair trade to provide real opportunities for some of the world’s most vulnerable women.”

On Metaburn Fitness: “Dig Deep”-Why I Work Out

Other: Midlife Collage Vignette winner for story “A Man and His Ocean”

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  1. Rajdeep we met at the SRC christmas party this year and I bought all three of your books from the Swimming through Clouds trilogy. Well it Christmas night and I just finished the last book. They were great and I love your writing. I am going to give them to my daughter to read now.