Picture This: A Father’s Day Blog

Father’s Day is a day to spotlight the Men in your life…So here are mine. Meet my Dad! iReport on CNN! The grand kids call him Papa! 
Papa loves to dance with his kids!

Papa loves to hold his kids!

AND Here’s my Hubs. Sunshine. Sunny. Santhosh. But to the girls. He’s Daddy. Dad. And for fun, sometimes I hear the little one call him Dada. 

Thank you for pushing us when we get tired.
Thank you for playing with us, and reminding us that you can run really fast!
Thank you for patiently teaching me things, like how to tie my shoes.
Thank you for holding my hand and encouraging me when I don’t think I can do something.
Thank you for lifting me up when I can’t reach.
Thank you for going on crazy adventures with us and teaching us about courage.
Thank you for driving and letting me lounge in the back seat.
Thank you for not giving up on me when I want to give up on myself.

Love you so much Papa. And Daddy *Father of our princesses!
Happy Father’s Day! 

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