“What’s Love Got to Do…Got to Do With it?”

Tote Bag that folds into Itself!

Love is simple. 
Love is action.
The feeling of love is transient at best. 
The residue of love is temporary.
Or is it? 
Is there a way to love that makes a long lasting impact on the one you love?

I think there is.

When your love does not focus on you. When you’re not expecting anything in return. When you love simply to love. Because love is good stuff. And love frees the unloved. 

Toiletry Bag

This Valentine’s day, I wonder if you might consider loving someone who you’ve never met. Someone who is beyond the reaches of your physical arms. Beyond your social circle. Beyond the border. 

I wonder if you knew there was a way to love a woman who has taken a step away from one of the most loveless prisons that exists in our time. That your purchasing power would go far beyond aquiring another nice thing. One small decision, yet one huge impact.

Laptop Case

A decision to invest in her choice. A choice that was not easy to make in most cases. A choice that she probably questions daily. A choice that she fears will not pay off.

Pretty Purse

I invite you to help this woman and every woman and girl out there who is trapped in the deadly madness of sex trafficking to help give her that choice. And to help her keep from returning. 
And to tell her she’s worth it. She’s worth being loved. Everyone needs love. And everyone needs freedom. Help free girls and woman with your choice this February 14th, and throughout the year. You and I can make a difference. 

Check out the products and NOMI and their passion to tell the stories of these women!
They’re quality, made by the hands of women who have been rescued and freed from the shackles of this  outrageous industry.

Nomi. Know me. Know my story. 

And KNOW that I’m alone and stuck until love rescues me. 

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Won’t you join me to help rescue someone in your lifetime. If that was your sister, your daughter, your mother, or your wife…wouldn’t you do whatever it took to find her? Free her? Love her?

So in the timeless words of Tina Turner, “What’s love got to do? Got to do with it?”



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