Facebook Confessions 101


These lists that circulate Facebook, requesting audience participation, connecting friend to friend, kind of like Tag meets Truth or Dare,  are…AWESOME. For the most part. Every once in a while, they annoy me. Like when someone comes up with those, LIST all the friends in your box, and come to find out you’re the one running around the loony bin. Um. Nekid. Yeah, even spelling the word makes me squirm.


But the confessions by the number dealio I kinda like. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading all the, “And I never told anyone, but …” peeling back of layers of surface. I feel like I know all of you better. Okay, most of you. Okay, not really. But it’s still been fun.


And, because I’m a writer who nearly always wears her heart on her sleeve, I find it natural to LIKE nearly every post I read with the number sharing facts UNTIL… a comment wasn’t the only thing that got you pinned as the next victim. Someone did a switcheroo and typed, “If you LIKE this, I’ll give you a number.” And I did. Like several. In my ignorance, I didn’t read the fine print. But somehow, and if anyone get’s the award for the most frequently glitched user, it would be me, I didn’t get tagged.


So, instead of pouting all alone on this side of the screen, I thought I’d post one anyway, in an act of rebellious participation. How’s that for the coined oxymoron of the week? :)


I gave myself a number. The number 11. Here goes:


1. I love Soda. All kinds. But wouldn’t consider myself an addict, even if I pour Coke over my Cheerios instead of milk.


2. Few things intimidate me more than RED LIPSTICK. I buy it. Paint my mouth. Stare in the mirror. Then wipe it off and run back to Pink. I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.


3. Last night I dreamt I winked at the neighbor three doors down, up the street, on the left side of the hill. I woke up and posted a For Sale sign before I made a pot of coffee. On his lawn. Can never be too careful.


4. I’ve stepped on the soil of five continents. Swam in the water of three oceans. And watched a sunrise or sunset from ten different mountain tops.


5. There are two things that make me laugh, no matter what kind of mood I’m in: people tripping (I know-that’s just wrong) and loud burps (I don’t know why.)


6. I plan to camp out in front of the movie theater all day so I can get first dibs on seating at the midnight showing of Catching Fire. Priorities.


7. I can dribble with my left hand, blindfolded, for a minute straight.


8. I sleep with socks on. Two pairs. In case one slips off during a dream. Best part, warm feet escort me into dreams of walking on the hot , sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.


9.  I skipped school in high school once and camped out in a book store. I know. Nerd-central. But it was more fun to read whatever I wanted for a whole day than all those textbooks. Just sayin.


10. I get nervous when someone tells me, “I have to tell you something.” I worry for every minute till the person tells me. Nine times out of ten, it’s nothing. News that could have waited. Or been left unsaid. But no matter how much I know this, I still panic. What if someone’s hurt. Sick. Or worse? What did I do to offend? Am I in trouble? What did I forget to do? Say? Yeah. That just about sums me up.

11. Only one of the above facts is true. Maybe two. But not more than four. 


Have you done it? Received a number. Confessed to stealing candy from the corner store when you were five. Then assigned numbers to ten victim LIKEers. Then joyfully jumped back into the well. Knowing you’ll get another number. YOU! I like you! But you’re nuts.

And this guy sums up it up better than anyone I know. The things you do and say onLine are just plain CREEPY in real life.


Things You Do Online That Would Be Creepy in Real Life



As we go into Thanksgiving, consider a new approach. I know you’re thankful. You know you’re thankful. We can list it all day long on Facebook, but perhaps we need to consider moving from words to action. Just a thought. Because life is short.

Love someone while today is still today.




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One thought on “Facebook Confessions 101

  1. I LOVED that! You are at once authentic AnD sneaky! Next time somebody gives me a “number,” of things I need to list that none of my close friends know about me, I will do the same! The last number will say what yours did! But #10 is true for me. Ugh! It sure is. I got your name because we are both fb friends of Teresa Maldonado.