45 Reasons My Parents Still “Do!”

 *This is a RE-Post from Last October.

Today is my parents’ 45th Anniversary! I loved writing this little fun list about the couple that inspires me daily when it comes to dedication, devotion, and friendship in marriage! I added #44 today to share why I look up to them! Because they truly live out their vows, and we’re kicking it up a notch and celebrating in style on October 27th with friends and family! Yikes, that’s only a couple weeks away! Stay tuned for a romantic blog down lover’s lane that week! 
  1. Mom loves Dad.
  2. Dad Loves Mom.
  3. Mom cooks.
  4. Dad eats.
  5. Mom loads the stockings.
  6. Dad loads the dishwasher.
  7. Dad grows veggies in his garden for Mom.
  8. Mom cuts up the veggies from Dad’s garden.
  9. Mom likes tiramisu.
  10. Dad buys Mom tiramisu.
  11. Mom stays out of Dad’s tool shed.
  12. Dad stays out of Mom’s closet.
  13. Mom dreams of home improvements. 
  14. Dad does the home improvements. 
  15. Dad balances the tires. 
  16. Mom balances the checkbook. 
  17. Dad plans the vacations.
  18. Mom shops on vacation.
  19. Mom packs for trips.
  20. Dad loads the car.
  21. Dad drives.
  22. Mom keeps Dad awake while he drives.
  23. Dad takes out the trash. 
  24. Mom takes out the cash.
  25. Dad teaches the grandkids.
  26. Mom feeds the grandkids.
  27. Dad picks up the grandkids.
  28. Mom picks out clothes for the grandkids.
  29. Dad tells stories.
  30. Mom listens.
  31. Dad snores. 
  32. Mom ignores. 
  33. When Dad feels sad, Mom cheers him up.
  34. When Mom feels scared, Dad holds her hand.
  35. Dad forgets.
  36. Mom forgives.
  37. Mom watches Z-TV.
  38. Dad watches Mom.
  39. Dad kisses Mom.
  40. Mom still blushes.
  41. When Mom reminds Dad, after the steam dissipates, Dad accepts: “Mom says what she says, because she cares about me.”
  42. Growing up, I remember Dad often saying the words, “Your mother is right. Even when she’s wrong, she’s right.” 
  43. Mom and Dad love with their actions. Regardless of proximity, he keeps her close to his heart, and she has his heart wrapped around her.
  44. They accept that marriage brings challenges, and the word sacrifice is not a bad word. 
  45. They are Best Friends! ♡♡ 
Happy 45th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! As an arranged marriage, you might not have chosen each other, but each day, you choose to love each other faithfully. You give us — your children and grandchildren — the gift of love personified. And we are blessed because of it. 
May God bless you with many more years together! Cuz, I’m holding out for Dad’s homemade tiramisu after Mom changes the kitchen light bulb. ☺
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  1. Thanks Jasanna! For following too! :)

    I say, “You don’t always choose who you fall in love with, but you do choose who you will love every day. Because, love is ultimately acting out your feelings, one choice at a time.” I think I stole and tweeked that one from someone! haha. 😉 -Raj