Expect the Unexpected!

The night before my parents anniversary, I picked up my sister from the airport and hubby dropped us off at the Downtown Cafe around 8:30PM. With my laptop and placement cards. We needed to go over the slide shows, party agenda and figure out who was sitting where. The slide show was the easiest part. Then came the seating arrangement. Which wasn’t too difficult either since we were only hosting about sixty guests. Finally we rounded off the program, going over a rough map of timing to make sure we didn’t spend too much time on speeches and left plenty of minutes for dancing. 


My sister pretty much let me plan this one, which was fun since I never really planned a party like this before. Even my own wedding had so many voices in the decision-making process, I didn’t feel like I had a final say in much. Except maybe the Cheeseballs bit. Trying to remember who won them. It was all a gag really. While hubby and I walked around Target, zapping items for our wedding registry, we were having so much fun, we decided to include a few random items just to make our friends laugh. One of those items was… Cheeseballs. And then we decided that the first person to either purchase them for us or say something to us about it, like, “Why the heck would you register for ‘Cheeseballs?’” we’d award them the winning prize of [drum roll please…] Cheeseballs. And we did. I think Liz won them! :)  Continue reading

Can I Have This Dance?

I love to dance. Even if most days I have two left feet, when I hear music, my feet can’t help but move. As does the rest of my body. Whether the parts all motion in sync or a little off step, I can’t help but get up and sway when the tunes reach my ears and seep down into my toes. 

Plus I’m Punjabi. And if you’re Punjabi, you have to dance. It’s kind of like a prerequisite for claiming your Punjabi status. 

Officer: “So you’re Punjabi?” 

Me: “Yes.”

Officer: “Then you dance? Is that correct? Because I love Indian music and dancing!”

Me: “Yes. Of course.”

Officer: “In that case, I believe you. I’ll let the ticket slide… This time.”

This really happened to me when I got pulled over for speeding. The police officer agreed to retract my fine when I promised he could join my friends and me in the city for some Basement Bhangra! Okay, I jest. But wouldn’t that have been cool!?! 😉 Continue reading

Celebrating Love. 45 Years of it!

Photo Credit: Alex Chung!

Five years ago, I made a mistake. I had a chance to throw my parents a 40th Anniversary party, and I didn’t. I chickened out. I was scared of life’s “what if’s.” But I hate the fact that I let my fears dictate my decision. 

Six months ago, like Jonah in the belly of a whale surrounded by a choir of gospel singers [great Veggie Tales movie by the way,] I received a second chance. 

October 11, 2012 would mark my parents’ 45th anniversary, and if I started right now [then, June-ish] I could throw them the party I’d been dreaming of my whole life. 

You see, I have two really amazing parents. I’m not talking the kind you just blow kisses at and thank on stage when you’re receiving an Oscar. In my life, they are my heroes. My super-heroes really. And there aren’t enough trees in Yosemite to make the paper I’d need to list the reasons why I think so.  Continue reading

45 Reasons My Parents Still “Do!”

 *This is a RE-Post from Last October.

Today is my parents’ 45th Anniversary! I loved writing this little fun list about the couple that inspires me daily when it comes to dedication, devotion, and friendship in marriage! I added #44 today to share why I look up to them! Because they truly live out their vows, and we’re kicking it up a notch and celebrating in style on October 27th with friends and family! Yikes, that’s only a couple weeks away! Stay tuned for a romantic blog down lover’s lane that week! 
  1. Mom loves Dad.
  2. Dad Loves Mom.
  3. Mom cooks.
  4. Dad eats. Continue reading

Living: An Extreme Sport

A Room with a View…
Two years ago, hubby and I ventured over to Catalina Island in mid February. Just the two of us.
On the one hour boat ride over to Catalina, we enjoy the wind blowing through our hair and the words, “It never rains in Southern California” seem ominously untrue with the dark clouds looming above. But it doesn’t actually rain. Much. By the time the boat pulls into the docks, the sun is beaming and we are on our way to four days of Operation Anniversary Adventure, Take 12. In three months, we’ll be married twelve years. We are celebrating a little early this year. 
After we check into our spacious villa that overlooks the ocean, we venture down to the waterfront in our golf cart [hubby’s first time driving one] for a late lunch/early dinner and some grocery shopping. We figure we’ll cook some of our meals to offset the cost of the nicer accommodations, and when you’re only feeding two mouths—cheese, crackers, fruit and cold cuts count as a meal.  Continue reading

Fourteen Reasons I ♡ My Hubby!

Today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary! Seems like just yesterday I was looking at Sun across the walkway in front of Niagara Falls, wondering if this cute boy four years younger than me might give this crazy girl a chance. 

I really love this man…so much more than words can say. So brace yourself for a love splat of a blog all! 
You’re the reason I’m smiling Babily!! 
My Dearest Santhosh, 

I love you because…

1. You make me laugh. Still. And get me to laugh at myself. Doesn’t take much.

2. You dance with me. Even when you’re not the biggest fan of slow dancing. You also dance crazy sometimes just to entertain me and the girls.

3. You buy me chocolate and flowers. For no reason sometimes. 

4. You forgive me. Daily. Sometimes many times in one day. This should be number one. Continue reading

In Search of Waterfalls – Years 8 to 13


Picking up from where we left off, Year Eight came along, and we ventured over to north Atlanta so we could leave the girls with my sister and her hubby for a few days. Then we drove north two hours till we hit the Blue Ridge Mountains to a cabin in the woods. On this trip, we decided to give white water rafting a whirl for the first time. Except that by the time we descended onto the Ocoee River in North Carolina, we were each paddling our own kayaks. Not the group ride I had anticipated but an amazing adventure I will never forget. At one point we got separated and to this day, I am so relieved I thought out loud and asked the guide if there was any way I could get lost. And he replied, “Nope. The river only goes in one direction, so even when it splits, it will reunite again.” 

In Search of Waterfalls…Years 1 to 7

Since hubby and I began our relationship at Niagara Falls and my Sunshine proposed to me at a waterfall, early on, it seemed only natural to name the journey of our romance, “In Search of Waterfalls.”

This Thursday, our marriage turns 14 years old. Like most special days in our family, this calls for celebration. But I have to be honest, my wedding anniversary is perhaps the most exciting time in my year.

I am married to a man who just loves to plan a batta-bing batta-boom date night or trip to remind me why he proposed to me over a decade ago. Why he told me, “It seems kinda obvious that I like you,” beginning our dating journey. And why he called me almost every morning to say, “Good morning,” and every night to say, “Good night,” just cuz he loved to hear the sound of my laugh. This all the summer we first met and were just enjoying the friendship.

So to get us in the mood, I thought I’d take you on tour of our past anniversaries. So get yourself some candles, a bottle of bubbly, and snuggle up to a romance in progress… Continue reading

Pink Toenails…A Cinderellaish Story

I have pretty feet. It’s just a fact. I’ve had many a paw praise ever since I was old enough to recognize a foot flirt when I heard one. Back in high school, while attending a family wedding, few noticed my white lacy dress Dad brought back from Italy, but my feet and the dainty anklet I wore above my right strappy heel drew plenty of attention. It was a cheap imitation silver thing, but it had lots of little parts that made a distinct jingle as I walked. 
That piece of tarnished jewelry began a collection of anklets I have invested in over the years.  I love the summer time especially, since I can upgrade my flip-flops to casual wear by throwing on a pretty little anklet. I even have one from Disney that displays a delicate Micky symbol hanging off a twirly silver chain. 
And pedicures. A must for this girl who loves colors, especially on her toes. Continue reading