It’s Rather Simple Really: A Nomi Network Post


Happy Monday Morning, everyone. I know many of you have been losing sleep over the cut on my knee from the other day, just dying to know what happened? Well the wait is over! Read the deets over at Nomi Network and be prepared to take another walk around the block of my u-turn directional life. I don’t know about you, but when life keeps U-turning me to the same message, something tells me I need to wake up and pay attention. Just sayin…


And in other news…

More about Nomi Network!

A MegaGiveaway that is still Brewing!

Swimming Through Clouds still the best deal in town for only $2.99 at Amazon!


Someone, anyone, wanna come over and rake some leaves with me? Leaf Pile pics are calling my name. It’s that time of year when I need to decide just how criminal I’m gonna get in the name of tradition. :)

Once Upon a Hero

I fall in love. A lot. Doesn’t take much, actually.

Smile. Make me laugh. Buy me a drink, and my heart is yours.

Kidding, Hubs. My heart only belongs to my Sunshine, and anyone who knows me, knows, I am INTO my Hubs!

But I am drawn to people who wow me—with their stories. But not just any ordinary story. The stories that magnetically captivate me are the ones that involve a hero. Especially when I’m listening to the details. And find out that the hero of the story is standing in front of me.  Continue reading

Moved… to Ask a Few Questions

When I last left you at the Hilton on Movement Day, the opening session had just began and Ajith Fernando was speaking in front of the thousand plus attendees in the Grande Ballroom. But I hadn’t finished my morning volunteer duties, so I can’t say that I heard much of what he said. As I made my way back to the registration desk, a big guy, sporting a serious bottom goat is speaking with my supervisor. I guess my next person is up. I wait on the side until she finishes reviewing his schedule.

“So, where ya from Rick?” I can’t deny the fact that I’m a little curious as to how this guy got on the VIP list. He looks a little shady.

“Portland.” Well that explains it. Kidding. :)

“Cool. Have you been in the city long? Had a chance to do anything fun yet?”

“Nope. But my wife is out with some friends of ours having a great time while I’m here.”

This one’s a bit of a wise guy. I read his name tag: Rick McKinley, Pastor of Imago Dei. “You seem kinda young to be a Pastor?” Don’t know why I said this! Maybe it was the conversation about age with Tim Keller

“Yup. But I also started the church. Twelve years ago.”

“Very cool.” We’re about to enter the green room, so I warn him. “It’s not green.” Then tell him a little about myself and my writing dream. We have a nice chat and he tells me to shoot him a copy of my book when it comes out. As I leave Rick to powder his nose, I think to myself, I hope I get to hear him speak. Something tells me he’ll make me laugh. Continue reading

What Moves You?

I wake up at 3:28AM yesterday to attend New York Leadership Center’s Annual Movement Day. Although registration doesn’t open until 8:00AM, volunteers are asked to arrive at the downtown Hilton at 5:30AM. Unfortunately, no LIRR lines from Locust Valley leave early enough to get me there, so I can either drive into the city and take my chances finding parking or carpool with my two friends and get dropped off at the door. I choose the latter, but it comes at a price. Sleep, of course. Because I have to be at my friend’s house at 4:30AM, and just typing all these before the sunrise clock times is making me drowsey.

As I line my toothbrush with toothpaste at 3:30AM, I notice my lips. Oh No! Not again! Continue reading