What’s Your Dream?

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Sarah: “You know Mom, everyone has their own dream! I don’t have to be writer.”

Me: “Okay. What’s your dream?”

Sarah: “I want to be a candy shop.”

Me: “You mean a candy shop owner?”

Sarah: “Yeah. A candy shop owner.”

I don’t think I ever told my five-year old that she HAD to be a writer. I might have told her she has a fun imagination, an ingredient that makes great writers. And passion. My five-year old is all kinds of passion. Especially about candy!  Continue reading

Who Will You Fight For?

About two weeks ago, I ventured into NYC, by myself, to see a movie. Trade of Innocents opened Columbus Day weekend, and I knew I had to see it, with or without company. Upon returning, I wrote a little blog/movie review and was delighted to receive an email a few days later from one of the film’s producers. Laurie Bolthouse sent me a little note.

Dear Raj,        

Thank you very much for taking the time to go out of your way to see “Trade of Innocents.”  It’s been a faith stretching experience for our family to produce it. …  It’s very difficult to get people to a theater seat unless it’s the Avengers, but I do see change and beautiful things happening under the radar.  

Again, thank you.


Laurie Bolthouse, Producer “Trade of Innocents”

I reacted like a little kid who receives a return letter from Santa! I was stoked! A real live movie producer emailed me! Piddly little writer me!  Continue reading

Trade of Innocents: A Movie that Moves Me

Take the 7 line to the F line into the city from Jackson Heights after I miraculously find parking on a side-street near the station! Get off at 14th street and then proceed to cross the same street—three times, because as much as I love the city, I still get turned around when I enter Manhattan via subway. I think the numbers are going up. So I turn around and walk the other way. But the addresses are even higher numbers, and so I turn back around and find The Quad Cinema less than a block away. 

I approach the booth and after eyeing the steep New York City movie fares, I crouch down when my turn comes and say, “One child ticket please.”
The guy behind the counter chuckles. “Eleven dollars.”
“Right. One adult ticket for Trade of Innocents.Continue reading

The Color of Tomorrow

Woke up this morning to find my first official piece of fiction published on-line, up and out there in cyber space, for any and all to read. Super excited and freaking out at the same time. What will the readers think? Will they love it? Hate it? Walk away unchanged? or Beg for more!! I hope the latter, because this short story I entered in the contest actually begins a book I’m working on, the first two chapters in fact. 

I felt immediately humbled and immensely grateful for the Judge’s generous and encouraging comments: 

What the Judge said about “The Color of Tomorrow”

So what is this story all about, you ask? Continue reading

A Princess and Her Castle…

Spent hours at the beach yesterday on the peaceful south shore of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Sat on my folding chair for awhile and just watched the girls jumping the waves on their boogie boards with my littlest next to me, digging scoops of perfectly wet sand into her red bucket. When the pail was almost full, Sarah put aside her yellow plastic shovel, lifted the red container to eye level, and tipped it over in her first attempt to make a sand castle. 

Whimpering from disappointment, she asked, “Why didn’t it work Mommy?”
“Let’s try it again.” I got off my chair and sat with her, and together we refilled two pails and packed the sand down firmly and hubby and I coached her how to tip closer to the ground, quickly. Speed was key. And to her giggling delight, it worked! She had already collected several seashells to decorate her castle. Cuz that’s what a girl loves to do. Once she has her castle, she has to furnish it. And make it her own.  Continue reading