Who Will You Fight For?

About two weeks ago, I ventured into NYC, by myself, to see a movie. Trade of Innocents opened Columbus Day weekend, and I knew I had to see it, with or without company. Upon returning, I wrote a little blog/movie review and was delighted to receive an email a few days later from one of the film’s producers. Laurie Bolthouse sent me a little note.

Dear Raj,        

Thank you very much for taking the time to go out of your way to see “Trade of Innocents.”  It’s been a faith stretching experience for our family to produce it. …  It’s very difficult to get people to a theater seat unless it’s the Avengers, but I do see change and beautiful things happening under the radar.  

Again, thank you.


Laurie Bolthouse, Producer “Trade of Innocents”

I reacted like a little kid who receives a return letter from Santa! I was stoked! A real live movie producer emailed me! Piddly little writer me!  Continue reading

Stranger than the Pop in Popcorn


Photo Credit: Lionsgate & Tyler Perry
Hubby drops me off at the theater on Saturday to buy tickets while he runs a quick errand. We are 45 mins early, but it’s the weekend, the lines are long, and I need to save several seats for friends who are joining us. Yes. We’re trying to get in another date night since the kids are away. So I make my way up to the counter when my turn finally arrives and buy two tix for Tyler Perry’s new Madea’s Witness Protection movie. We’re big fans. Of both! Oh wait…

Popcorn, Reese’s Pieces, Cherry Coke…ACTION!

In college, my freshman roommate prayed for me. A lot. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the poster I plastered on my side of the room before I unpacked my suitcase. The words “Every time I think about killing myself, I go to the movies” circled a large cardboard paper covered with hundreds of movie stubs. I saved them all.
And I love it all. From Beauty and the Beast to Bourne Identity, Rocky to Real Steel, Aladdin to Aragorn, Madea to Monsters Inc. [I could go on and on], I can’t get enough of the worlds created by a camera lens and now computer graphics. Needless to say, I love going to the movies. Continue reading