First Day of School Must Knows



The sound of Family Force5 on my iPhone jars me out of a really good dream. Darn that alarm just when I’m getting to the part where I fly across an ocean with wings made of see-through glass. So what if Wonder Woman was my favorite super hero growing up. I see no connection.

My now two middle-schoolers are already changed, and my oldest is crossing things off a list—her new go-to way of being organized. One day down, only 300ish to go. Time to make the pancakes.  Continue reading

Shattered Glass Vase… An Easter-ish Story


[A contemplative EASTER piece of sorts]

This is what I want to say to you, If I had one chance to tell you something…You are loved, more that you can imagine.” Rebecca St. James,

I got a paper cut the other day, and that little stinker just stung right up into my brain. Every time that part of my finger rubbed across anything for a day or so, I was paralyzed with pain. When the scab finally showed up, my other fingers would carefully but confidently stroke over it, remembering how it happened, and at least for a few days, slowing down before grabbing another sheet of computer paper.
Then the day came when I wanted to save a dish. Do you ever do that? How rational is it to think keeping that one dirty dish out of the sink is really going to make your life a bazillion times less busy.
Well, I chose the cutting board that night as my choice for, “You will remain standing clean and pristine against the wall” and ventured to cut up the salad in my hand.

I must have been distracted, and the next thing I knew, the tomato in my hand was sliced along with the palm it was in. Ouch! Continue reading

Foxy Friday Date-Night

Last Friday night, hubs and I dropped off one daughter at basketball practice and headed off to date night. We debated whether to see a movie or not. Threw around the idea of shooting pool at Dave and Busters. Even considered driving into Manhattan just to walk around Time Square. In the end, exhaustion helped us to make our decision. We decided to stay local, check out an eatery we have been eyeing for years and walk along the water. 

As we drove a few miles from our house to Oyster Bay, the bowl of soup I downed an hour ago seemed to have disappeared. “I’m starving!” Continue reading

Pink Boxing Gloves … 3 Years Later.

*[Last year, I wrote a little story about my Sister and her fight with breast cancer. Today’s her birthday, and we have a lot to celebrate! But first, a little flash back to give you a glimpse of how special this woman is to me!]

*Three Years Ago

The news of my little sister’s breast cancer shadows our household and I am still shaken. My faith lies speckled with doubt.  I can’t help but ask “Why?” and ask more than once.  

God never promised that the rain would only fall on certain days. On certain folks. Or only so hard. When it rains, we all get wet. Couldn’t see the end of the rainfall in those early days.

One of the most painful moments happens while driving down to see my sister for my cousin’s wedding. This will be the first time I see Sandi after her diagnosis, and only a couple of days after her first round of chemo. I’m so anxious, I lose sleep that whole last week. 

One of the hardest parts about writing something down is that in order to remember the details, you have to go back there. I’m not gonna lie. It’s not easy to go back there. I’ll be right back.

*** Continue reading

little Bumps Teach BIG Lessons

Shortly after I attained the golden apple of teenage years, my driver’s license, I got into my first accident. This was before cell phones, texting, and GPS. My best friend and I were arguing over which radio station to listen to. In those few  distracting seconds, I looked down to dial the music back to my favorite station and then BOOM! I rear-ended someone. And the windshield actually spider-webbed although it didn’t shatter.

The worst part was explaining to the Police Officer why I didn’t slow down when the car in front of me was clearly stopped. Actually worse still was facing my dad. He was relatively cool since there was an audience, but the moment everyone left, I listened to the mother of all lectures. And I still remember him throwing in, “And your mom says you’re so distant these days. She feels like you’re not talking to her much. And that hurts…both of us.”

And then the kicker: “Get in the driver’s seat. You’re driving home.” Continue reading

The Dirty Dancing of Marriage

Waking up at Gunstock Moutain Resort in New Hampshire for our first full day of vacation, all I can think is, where is the coffee? The 11:30PM arrival the night before which involved some not-so-nice words exchanged while the GPS evaded us, seasoned the RV air with the perfect ingredients for sweet dreams. Not. I went to bed, exhausted from packing the day before and my heart sinking for the weeks that lie ahead. If this is how we’re starting our vacation, angry and miscommunicating, I just want to quit now. Hide under the covers and wake up when it’s time to go home. That’s how I think when I feel desperate. Inadequate. Hopeless. And just genuinely messed up. 

It was just a fight over directions, I try to convince myself. But under ever petty argument lies a deeper issue. When you’ve been married for more than a decade, you know each other too well to know when something is just a tif or a tip. As in the tip of the iceberg of abandoned issues. I tell him he doesn’t trust me. He tells me I don’t respect him. Tempers flare. Words fly. And in the small confines of the RV, every sound is heard. By everyone.  Continue reading

Paulus Perils of Power

So these last few days have been a powerful *pun intended, reminder that electricity is highly useful. And highly missed when it doesn’t come through. 


Power outage situation #1 happened when we realized that the RV fridge and radio refuse to turn on. Hubby, being the Mr. Fix-it guy that he is, has been troubleshooting for the last week. His electrically-minded cousin and his electrical engineer father-in-law would be so proud. Or yell at him for trying things he’s not trained for. The jury’s still out on their reactions. They don’t know. Yet.  Continue reading

Pink Toenails…A Cinderellaish Story

I have pretty feet. It’s just a fact. I’ve had many a paw praise ever since I was old enough to recognize a foot flirt when I heard one. Back in high school, while attending a family wedding, few noticed my white lacy dress Dad brought back from Italy, but my feet and the dainty anklet I wore above my right strappy heel drew plenty of attention. It was a cheap imitation silver thing, but it had lots of little parts that made a distinct jingle as I walked. 
That piece of tarnished jewelry began a collection of anklets I have invested in over the years.  I love the summer time especially, since I can upgrade my flip-flops to casual wear by throwing on a pretty little anklet. I even have one from Disney that displays a delicate Micky symbol hanging off a twirly silver chain. 
And pedicures. A must for this girl who loves colors, especially on her toes. Continue reading

Clumsy yet loved…

Half my sundae spills on to the couch in another failed attempt to multi-task! I quickly move the laptop and wires over to salvage as much of the chocolate and cool-whip I can back into my bowl…three second rule, right? God doesn’t want me to get fat, I rationalize—that’s why He made me clumsy!

Shortly before we left for our honeymoon to Alaska, my dad’s parting words to my husband of less than twenty-four hours were: “Please. And I mean PLEASE! Don’t stand too close to the railing on the ship. [He chuckled through the remainder of his words] Because I don’t want… Continue reading

Why Waterfalls?

Once in awhile you find something in the world that defines your purpose. For me, that discovery happened when I saw my first waterfall. I was less than five years old when my parents took me to see Niagara Falls, and twenty years later, I found love in the mist of a return visit to Canada.

The journey continues. The search is far from over, and with each waterfall that I experience, I learn something new about myself, about my world, and about my God – the One who creates each droplet and places me in the pathway of rushing water — to remind me of how His Grace Moves For Me! Ever Flowing! Ever Powerful! Ever enough!
And in the words of my favorite Disney movie theme song, “Ever just the same…ever a surprise!”