Thanks for Nothing

Fiction Friday This Thanksgiving! Enjoy & Happy Thanksgivings ALL!!


Sometimes the person you owe the most thanks to is the person who refused you what you asked for. Because deep down, you know what you asked for could have killed you. Metaphorically speaking. The moment that nearly wiped me out and left me broken-hearted happened a year ago this weekend. And that’s why I remember it so well.
As I begin my jog on this fall morning, I imagine the trees are whispering about the near tragedy as they push the blood-red leaves off to their demise. “Remember that night? There she is. The girl who almost said yes. But said no. Just in the nick of time.” Red branches talks about me like I can’t hear her.
Then the yellow painted tree chimes in. “Are you sure that’s her? Definitely looks like her. But there’s something different about her.”
Crimson Woody ponders the question before answering. “You’re right. Same girl. Different eyes. They used to see us. Now they see past us. Like she’s looking for something beyond her reach.”
Sunshine Branches sways her branches in agreement. “Like she’s not sure about yesterday. And even more unsure about tomorrow.”
“Seen that look a million times.” Red leans over to Yellow to lower her voice. “That’s what a woman looks like right before she jumps.”

Yellow gasps.

“Not like that kind of jump.” Yellow exhales a sigh of relief, so Red continues. “The jump into today. Because tomorrow is too far away and unclear. And yesterday too painful to revisit. So she’s fighting herself to grasp onto today with all she has. It’s the best kind of jump. But…”

Yellow: “Something told me there would be a but…”
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31 Thanksgiving Shout-outs!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving… I am so very thankful for: [in no particular order]
1. Chocolate. Dark. Surrounding almonds. Blueberries. Strawberries dipped in it. Pretty much any which way. 
2. Spice. Black Pepper. Paprika. Chili powder. Covering a medium to well-done steak if you’re asking!
3. Banana, strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter, protein smoothies. Okay. Enough about food. 
4. Princess#1, Hannah ♡ for how she can sense when I’m sad. And her hugs squeeze something sweet right into me. 
5. #2 Nitha ♡ for her smiles that remind me not to take life too seriously.
6. #3 Lydia ♡ for learning how to make coffee. Just for me. To love me.
7. And #4 Sarah ♡ for her snuggles every morning that remind me what’s important at the start of my day.
8. Hubs. My Sunshine. My lover. My best friend. For not giving up on me.  Continue reading

A Thank You Said and a Thank You Heard…


“When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?” someone asked me a year ago.
“Junior year in high school. Miss Trosko’s class.” 
Miss Trosko was my English teacher, and she inspired me to dream the writer’s dream. She also gave me the courage to study English Literature in college. 
Well, I wanted to thank her for giving me that A/F grade on my first paper. The “A” was for content but the “F” for grammar. Like many things in my life, I peaked early. I won the class Spelling Bee in fourth grade, but it was down hill from there. I still kan’t spel so grate. Continue reading

My Thanksgiving Crafty Girl

So while all my girls love the holidays, Princess #2, Nitha who we like to call “Nee-Nee,” goes into each calendar celebration with the enthusiasm of a Wedding Planner. One who loves her job, of course. 

Nitha has always been artistic, and if you give her a bunch of anythings, she sees the potential, and turns them into something. Some kind of art. 

As my first middle child, she and I relate on many levels. We’re both easy-going. Take quick showers. Love the colors red and purple. And move on quickly from conflict or life’s troubles. For a middle child, I feel like she has a pretty good sense of who she is, her tastes, and her interests. 

And although I’m not the most artsy person, it’s fun to watch Nitha create, and even more fun to receive a gift she’s spend many minutes putting together. Because each piece she works on, she gives away. And she really thinks about the recipient of her gifts: their personality, favorites, and interests. Art is Nitha’s love language, but she molds her creations to reflect her future owners of her art work. I think that’s pretty cool. 

The above gallery is a little reflection of her collection. She worked on this for a few days as a gift for her teacher. Because she’s thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving, and most definitely for her teacher. Enjoy! 

**And you? Do you get into decorating the house for the Holidays? Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving dish you’re looking forward to? What are you thankful for this November?

Pink Boxing Gloves … 3 Years Later.

*[Last year, I wrote a little story about my Sister and her fight with breast cancer. Today’s her birthday, and we have a lot to celebrate! But first, a little flash back to give you a glimpse of how special this woman is to me!]

*Three Years Ago

The news of my little sister’s breast cancer shadows our household and I am still shaken. My faith lies speckled with doubt.  I can’t help but ask “Why?” and ask more than once.  

God never promised that the rain would only fall on certain days. On certain folks. Or only so hard. When it rains, we all get wet. Couldn’t see the end of the rainfall in those early days.

One of the most painful moments happens while driving down to see my sister for my cousin’s wedding. This will be the first time I see Sandi after her diagnosis, and only a couple of days after her first round of chemo. I’m so anxious, I lose sleep that whole last week. 

One of the hardest parts about writing something down is that in order to remember the details, you have to go back there. I’m not gonna lie. It’s not easy to go back there. I’ll be right back.

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To Turkey or Not to Turkey…

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Asked a doctor friend of mine what his two cents of advice would be to all of us so we don’t come out of this holiday season looking like the bird we just baked. 
He said, “I tell my patients to remember that these occasions are called ‘holidays,’ not ‘holi-weeks’ or ‘holi-months.’ Pass another cookie.”  Continue reading

Confessions of A Leaf Thief

Photo Credit: Alvim Gimarino
             Every year, for the past five autumns, I’ve held dearly to one of our two total family traditions. With only two traditions, thus far, to miss one would be criminal. This particular custom started shortly after my fourth daughter was born. Picture this:

 Autumn and all its colorful glory paint a radiant frame around our yard. Sometimes we feel like we live in a miniature forest since maples, pines, and oaks border three sides of our property. Which not only creates beauty, but a heck of a lot of yard work. Every year. This particular year, I rake for hours, only to be bombarded my three sets of running legs that crash into my neatly gathered mountain. 
“Leaf Pile!” squeal my girls, right before their little bodies lunged and then burrow into the fallen foliage. Repeat.  Continue reading