I Might Not be Miss America, But…



The Lovely Tosca Lee!

Almost a week ago, I nearly chip my bubblegum pink nail polish as I fiddle with my nails on the drive to the airport. Nothing like battling NYC traffic on the LIE while running late to a flight to get your fingers a’biting and knees a’shaking. Hug and two smooches later, Hubby drives off and I’m asking Airport security if I can be escorted to the front of the line. My plane takes off in half an hour.

“Do you have Special Business Class Priority Check-in Status?” The lady in uniform asks me something like that.

“Umm. No.”

“You have plenty of time,” she says. Meaning, get in line with the rest of the world and wait it out.

Flip-flops slipped on, jacket tucked under suitcase handle, laptop on my shoulder, I race down Terminal D to find the Delta flight to Indianapolis leaving in now fifteen minutes. Except that I read the screen wrong. Not arriving flights! Departing! Backtrack to the fork and now I’m jogging with luggage in tow down Terminal C. And it would have to be C29, the furthest possible gate from where I was on take one.

And then it happens. Continue reading

Wow’d by Clouds


If you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging as much, the truth is, I have. Been blogging. Just not here at In Search of Waterfalls. These are the clouds I’ve been rolling by on as of late:

Chip MacGregor’s Blog with a fun little ditty on “A Newbie’s First Trip around the Marketing Block,”

Go Teen Writers with a colorful post on Diversity in YA Fiction with some kinda title like, “Bringing Rainbows to YALit,”

The Perfect Clouds Blog Tour which wraps up on June 27, which has two fun puzzle reveals and LOTS of fun Giveaways,


Reading Teen with a little fun facts’ reveal of my dating daze when the man I married did not pursue me with Post-its, but he did leave me a surprise card once. Find out all about it and the last three places actually give you a chance to win fun STC stuff or E-copies of Swimming Through Clouds.

Which brings up the reason why I’m not BLOGGING a whole lot, because I think it’s only fair to give readers a chance to read my book.

And let me just say, I don’t know what the process has been like for other first time authors, but I’ve been a bit over the top since June 1st. Because reviews, comments, FB messages and tweets have begun to come in and… they are so encouraging and affirming. I am beyond WOWed and humbled and very thankful for my first readers who are taking the time to give me their feedback. Even my parents jumped on and left me a short and sweet note! :)

So I just wanted to write this small note to say thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. And most of all, thanks for SWIMMING. Through Clouds with me.



Hope to keep the stories coming!


And you? Summer’s here! What do you have on your calendar for sunny days? Oh oh! Almost forgot. Have you heard of this girl on YouTube who is all about Post-its!?! She’s got the “nice” thing going on with a fun little use for sticky notes to brighten the day of strangers who will find them. If you know her, tell her I want to be her friend! :)


Calling YA Readers! Blog Hop Bay-bee!

THINK Sticky Note!
When Bethany Jett of The Cinderella Rule asked me to participate in a Blog Hop, my only hesitation was if it involved a public display of jumping. Because I can jump. Your basic lifting of both feet off the floor, but if you knew the history behind my long-jumping track days, let’s just say, you wouldn’t want me on your team. Yeah. Not a good memory.
I met the gorgeous Bethany Jett in Chicago during a MacGregor Literary weekend and because she was wearing purple, I knew we would be friends!    :)
It helped that we both love teens and have a heart for teen girls and their journey through some of life’s toughest years. Bethany’s soon to be released book gives girls a map to navigate the crazy world of young love. And all things dating. And I’m all about Young Adults and healthy relationships so when she asked me to Hop on…
I said yes! And so below, you’ll find my answers to the questions each of the authors has answered or will answer as the hop keeps happening. So swing back those arms, bend your knees, and take a leap into a sneak-peek of my writing world. And make sure to hop on over to the other writer pages and discover some stellar story tellers!

Two Words… *ACFW Post-Conference Reflections


My Spec-Fic Peeps! Andrew Winch, Adam Weisenburger, Charis Seeley, Ben Erlichman & John Otte!

When I landed in Dallas, I felt rested, pumped, and…lost. What was the name of the hotel I was staying at?

I knew it was a big one, one right near the airport, and everyone with a “writer-look” would be headed there too. So it would be easy to find out.

Since I don’t own a “smart” phone yet [emphasis on the yet] I picked up an airport phone after deciding the ACFW Conference must be at the Hilton. Nope. Then I tried the Marriot. No again. I had two left to try that seemed plausible, but they were two different branches of the Hyatt. I ended up finding the right one and the shuttle brought me over, easy peasy. Came to find out later that several of my writer buds went to the wrong Hyatt and had to drag their luggage all over Dallas before arriving at the DFW Hyatt Regency. Whew. We all made it.

Before I left, a friend had asked me if I was looking forward to my writing conference. I said, Yes. And no. Yes, because I had specific goals for myself and what I wanted to learn and accomplish. No, because so many of my friends that I made last year weren’t returning :(

On that first day, I ran into one friend I made last September, and I am so glad I did. We shared a pizza and joined a group to get rid of some nervous energy through the ultimate work-out: swing dancing. Not the same as Punjabi Bhanghra, but a fun start to my four nights at ACFW’s Annual writing conference. Continue reading

My Masala-Marinated Agent

Drag hubs into the city for dinner to meet up with Chip MacGregor, my Lit Agent, who’s here among the masses attending BEA 2012 at the Javits Center this week.

“Are you nervous?” Sun asks me as we begin our battle with NYC traffic into Manhattan. 

“Not really. Just want to look professional. Ask good questions. Pick his brain about the industry. And learn what else I can do on my part to become a better writer.”

“Okay. Sounds good. Did you call to make a reservation at the restaurant?”

“No.” It’s a weeknight. Surely the city that never sleeps doesn’t go out to eat on Wednesdays.

“You better call. Just in case.”  Continue reading