Beware the Question, “Any Questions?”

I’m starting to think meaningful story times with the girls is one of Hubby’s new year’s resolutions. He’s been reading more to them. Which to me reminds me of my teaching days when I had the kids make reading circles and discuss a chapter from a novel. Fun to the fun for this writer/reader lover. I just don’t know that Hubs planned for the interesting insights and discussions that have risen from our first two couch times. But then again, when you have a room full of tweeny-bopper girls and you throw in a precocious five-year old, you have to sort of expect the unexpected.I invite you to be a fly on the wall of our living room Christmas morning [Think good-looking, non-bugging type of fly…and read on.] :)

Hubs: “So we’re going to read a little of the Christmas story before we open presents.”

Three older girls: “Okay Daddy.”

Sarah *the five-year old: “But, but, but… okay.”

Hubs reads the first few lines of Mary’s story from the book of Luke, when an angel comes to her and tells her she’s having a baby. And Joseph takes her to Bethlehem and there was no room in the Inn. Most of you have heard this classic take of the birth of Jesus, so I won’t rehash all the details.

Then Hubs says, “Do any of you have any questions?”

Third Princess: “I just have one: What does the word, ‘union’ mean Daddy, because you read a part that said, ‘Joseph did not have union with Mary,’ or something like that.”

Hubs and I exchange glances. Neither of us expected Christmas morn to turn into a birds and bees conversation. Whatcha gonna do? Continue reading

Twas the Night Before I Found that One Thing … Part One

Do you hear what I hear?
Twas the night before Christmas, and I am on the verge of starting a new trend. Suddenly, I am forced to reconsider.

You know how the mismatch is so in. Mismatched socks. Pattern on pattern. Clash of the colors. Back in the day, wearing red and purple was an obvious no-no. Now. Pretty much anything goes.
So I think, this is the perfect time for me to break out my earrings that I love, but have managed to misplace, lose or break one of the pair. I find two blue danglies, one a little more intricate than the other and pop one into each ear lobe. Wear my mismatches all day. No one notices. Think all I need are five people to take note. Say, “Coolio.” Tweet about it. And voila. A worldwide trend set in motion. And I will be an official trendsetter. One of my life’s serious aspirations. Seriously. Continue reading

A Modern Day Mary Christmas

Student working on laptop

Fell asleep in my jeans last night. Came home after piano lessons, basketball practice and jazz class. Hit the books after scarfing down some leftover lasagna. By the time I covered all my reading, pumped out a lab write-up, and conjugated three pages of Spanish verbs, math became one big blur of numbers. Hopefully, they all found their homes in the right spots and my Algebra teacher will lay off on the eyebrow-raised, head-shaking, “Mary, did you know…” because I do know that x + 7 = y + 17 does not make x and y equal to zero. Every time. Just when the one is dropped. 

And I’ve been dropping the ball in math class. But I promise to pick it up and shoot up a three percentage point increase on my report card so Mom and Dad won’t make me do times tables every weekend. They still think that if I just master the 13’s, math will no longer be a struggle for me. I told them, “I just have a feeling, not everything in life adds up. Like most people expect it to. That’s why math and I don’t get along.”

“Do you homework, Mary.” Dad’s response no matter what I say. Continue reading

The Present

Shay notices three threes as she rushes into the courtyard between the parking garage and her coffee. Well, the cafe really, where she buys her cafe con leche every afternoon. They’re tall evergreens, in the center of downtown. In a main part where they can’t be missed. Someone took the time to string lights on each of them, blue, red and white. Like a traffic light, turned sideways, she can’t help but stop in her tracks for a moment. And stare.  Continue reading

Between You and Me… A Christmas Story

“Babe, why are there branches all over the house, hanging from the ceiling?” He walks through the front door and tosses his coat and scarf on the couch. They’ll make it to the hooks. Eventually.
“Oh, I don’t know?” Didn’t have time to research what the romance-inducing plant actually looks like.
“Don’t you think they’ll attract bugs?” He’s sitting now, untying his dress shoes and slips them off and places them neatly by the door. They’ll make it to the shoe room. Later.

“Not that I know of.” Unless you mean me, cuz you know how much I like to bug you. Continue reading

Siri … ously in Love with my iPhone5

Christmas came early in the Paulus household. For me that is.

Found a package on my steps on Friday with hubby’s name on it. Didn’t bother looking it over. Figured it was some auto part or something guy-related and just chucked it on top of the shelf. Placed it nicely, if you must know. And forgot about it.

Then hubs comes home from work hours later and tosses it to me while I’m sitting on the couch.

“It’s yours.”“But…” and I’m terrified.
Continue reading

That Letter I said I Wasn’t Going to Write…


Happy Holidays all you Beautiful Waterfall Seekers! 

Wanted to let you know that you are all recipients of my first official Year End Reflections Letter! [After a ten year break.] If successful, I might just have to make this a tradition! Next to my annual leaf pile picture which I have yet to apologize for. My neighbor is never home! I swear! But one creative reader did suggest I take a copy of the leaf picture and place it inside a thank you card and simply say, “Thank you for the leaves. Sorry I didn’t ask first.” Not a bad idea. So once I get this lovely letter out, I need to get on it. 

As I was saying… Continue reading

Seek and Seek

I have to be honest. I am not the world’s best listener. In fact, I’m kind of a terrible listener. I’m often told that I have the gift of gab, but I’m not so sure I’d call it a “gift” unless you’re the quiet type who hates silence. I can fill just about any moment of silence, taking only brief breaks to inhale a breath to keep from passing out. Yes, I can shoot the breeze right out of you if you give me the chance. Sometimes when I’ve spent too many hours staring at a computer screen, the moment the doorbell rings, the phone buzzes or an unexpected visitor pops in, my mouth explodes with a force comparable to Mt. St. Helen. Continue reading