Between You and Me… A Christmas Story

“Babe, why are there branches all over the house, hanging from the ceiling?” He walks through the front door and tosses his coat and scarf on the couch. They’ll make it to the hooks. Eventually.
“Oh, I don’t know?” Didn’t have time to research what the romance-inducing plant actually looks like.
“Don’t you think they’ll attract bugs?” He’s sitting now, untying his dress shoes and slips them off and places them neatly by the door. They’ll make it to the shoe room. Later.

“Not that I know of.” Unless you mean me, cuz you know how much I like to bug you.

“Seriously? I can’t walk two feet without getting poked in the eye.” He’s standing now, tapping one branch, then the next, as he inches his way toward me. None have fallen. Yet.

“Close them.” Because I’m searching for a little adventure, and if this makes you stop. And look at me…

“My eyes? You’ve gone overboard. What has gotten into you?” He’s a few feet from me now, hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth, shaking his head.

“You.” Well, not yet, anyway. How’s that for flirting a la mode?

“Okay.” Hands out of his pockets now, and out in front like he’s giving a college lecture. “So the branches are supposed to create an outdoorsy feel, indoors? And you want me to close my eyes so I can visualize us, what? Dancing in a forest?”

“Are you asking me to dance?” Because, the answer is yes, but not yet.

“Sure. Do you wanna dance, crazy girl from out of this world?” He extends his left arm, and I can’t help but stare at the finger with a ribbon of gold across it.

“Can I ask you something?” Before I step on your toes?

“Sure.” Hand drops back to his side. “If you promise to return the forest to the curb when this night is over.”

“The branches can go.” But I want one thing to remain.

“What were you gonna ask me?” He moves closer, his voice tender, his eyes taking up all my space. Now.

“Kiss me.” It’s not exactly a question.

He looks up the ceiling and starts laughing, saying “I get it! Mistle—” My lips collide with his and doubt disappears as his arms swallow me up and in and I’m standing on my tippy…

“Toes.” We say. Together. Lips still touching.

This is where I wanted to take you. Where you took me. To that place. Where suggestion turned into desire. And desire lit the fire. And the stockings by the chimney don’t need filling. Because nothing’s missing. From this place. This place called home. This place of us.

Have you ever kissed someone under a mistletoe? What fun, romantic thing have you done for your spouse lately? How do you come up with the perfect gift for the love of your life? 

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3 thoughts on “Between You and Me… A Christmas Story

  1. Aww, this is the sweetest story, Raj!

    Okay, can I answer one of your questions with the totally opposite answer–the most unromantic, unperfect gift I gave to a guy who was not my spouse and not the love of my life?? So, in college a girlfriend and I were having trouble deciding what to get our boyfriends for Valentine’s Day. I do not know how we came up with this idea, but we ended up purchasing white pillowcases and decorating them with markers. Pillowcases. I gave my boyfriend a pillowcase for Valentine’s Day. That really should’ve been a sign right there that we didn’t belong together. (Although, for the record, I did a pretty sweet job designing the thing if I do say so myself. Still. A pillowcase.)

  2. This is based on a true story. Not really. The truth is, my life is much better than any love story I’ve ever written, and my real live lead role, let’s just say, he makes me want to tape a mistletoe on my forehead… hehe. :) -Raj a.k.a. Hopeful Romantic