Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?

AMC_8259Read the tweets and Facebook statuses of millions for the last two days if you’re confused by the Blog Title. And to be honest, I have no intention of rehashing the general schools of thought circulating, but I will tell you that they tend to side with shock and embarrassment; wow, you go girl; or same old, same bold.

I find it interesting that Miley Cyrus’ twerking got labeled tasteless by some, because Robin Thicke, the artist performing while Miley did her thang, is a dad and a husband. Last I heard, Miley’s still engaged to Liam Hemsworth. And according to those oh so reliable Hollywood reporters, Paula Patton, Robin’s wife, barely batted an eyelash.

So what’s my point, you might ask? Continue reading

Sleepless in New York

“I need to make an appointment with you on Friday morning. At 5:30AM. Are you busy?”
I laugh out loud at hubby’s question. “If you mean busy by sleeping. Yes, I’m busy. But other than sleep, I don’t have any other  commitments.”

“Okay then. See you Friday morning. [The day is Monday.] Actually, make it 4:45AM. So we can be there by 5:30.” 

“4:45??!!” My eyes feel heavy thinking ahead to the loss of sleep I’ll experience four days from now.  Continue reading

The Dirty Dancing of Marriage

Waking up at Gunstock Moutain Resort in New Hampshire for our first full day of vacation, all I can think is, where is the coffee? The 11:30PM arrival the night before which involved some not-so-nice words exchanged while the GPS evaded us, seasoned the RV air with the perfect ingredients for sweet dreams. Not. I went to bed, exhausted from packing the day before and my heart sinking for the weeks that lie ahead. If this is how we’re starting our vacation, angry and miscommunicating, I just want to quit now. Hide under the covers and wake up when it’s time to go home. That’s how I think when I feel desperate. Inadequate. Hopeless. And just genuinely messed up. 

It was just a fight over directions, I try to convince myself. But under ever petty argument lies a deeper issue. When you’ve been married for more than a decade, you know each other too well to know when something is just a tif or a tip. As in the tip of the iceberg of abandoned issues. I tell him he doesn’t trust me. He tells me I don’t respect him. Tempers flare. Words fly. And in the small confines of the RV, every sound is heard. By everyone.  Continue reading

Music in the Mountains: Soulfest 2012 POST#1

Nothing like a road trip to get away from the madness…

*[NOTE: Masala Mama just couldn’t help herself! She had to give you a quick glimpse into her world away from the real world! But she promises that even though she posted this on FB and Twitter, she did NOT check her FB or Tweet. She is simply checking in. Then Checking out! :)… ]

Writing to the rhythmic sounds of toilet flushing is both helpful and disturbing. Useful for moments when your sleep-deprived lids start to fall unbeknownst to your tapping fingers. Mentally jarring because you begin to dream that you’re trapped between a campground lavatory and three hunter green port-a-potties that are all ventilating in your direction like heat-seeking missiles. Ahhh. The joys and pains of finding the one free outlet in the middle of nature, and watching your electronics recharge next to the low hum of the Pepsi vending machine. If I describe one more outdoorsy detail, you might begin to think I found the Shangri-La where Gary Paulsen penned his first lines of The Hatchet
. Not so my friends. I’m in New Hampshire’a Gunstock Mountain Resort. Paulsen’s story took place in Canada. But I did run into two Canucks the other day. Nicest people ever. Canadians that is. Just sayin… Continue reading

Paulus Perils of Power

So these last few days have been a powerful *pun intended, reminder that electricity is highly useful. And highly missed when it doesn’t come through. 


Power outage situation #1 happened when we realized that the RV fridge and radio refuse to turn on. Hubby, being the Mr. Fix-it guy that he is, has been troubleshooting for the last week. His electrically-minded cousin and his electrical engineer father-in-law would be so proud. Or yell at him for trying things he’s not trained for. The jury’s still out on their reactions. They don’t know. Yet.  Continue reading

Fireworks of the Heart

The flickering light whizzing around the dark living room brought a glimpse of fiery orange glow for  two seconds and then went out again. Thought about several fun tweets immediately:
“The night light in our house has a mind of its own. Oh wait. Just a firefly wanting some attention.”
“If I were a lightening bug, I would only offer to count in hide and seek. Just sayin.”

“This little light of mine is buzzing above my head. First official summer #firefly spotting. And she’s indoors!”
Never get the energy to rise and type in my tweets. Decide it’s okay to let it go. Enjoy the moments inside my head, smile, and move on. No one in the cyber world’s life depends on my firefly fixation tonight. Continue reading