Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?

AMC_8259Read the tweets and Facebook statuses of millions for the last two days if you’re confused by the Blog Title. And to be honest, I have no intention of rehashing the general schools of thought circulating, but I will tell you that they tend to side with shock and embarrassment; wow, you go girl; or same old, same bold.

I find it interesting that Miley Cyrus’ twerking got labeled tasteless by some, because Robin Thicke, the artist performing while Miley did her thang, is a dad and a husband. Last I heard, Miley’s still engaged to Liam Hemsworth. And according to those oh so reliable Hollywood reporters, Paula Patton, Robin’s wife, barely batted an eyelash.

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Facebook Lent-ills

Anyone give up Facebook for Lent? I did. But not completely. Simply, because although some might think I’m addicted, I’m not. Sure, I might post a tad more than the average person, but I attribute that to the extrovert in me that cannot stay contained. And I simply don’t worry whether anyone “likes” the random things I share. I just share. And I’m pretty sure someone out there smiled, or at least smirked. That’s good enough for me. My five-year old actually gets mad at me now. When I laugh at the cute and witty things that leave her lips and whip out my phone, she immediately warns me, “Mom! Do Not! Put what I said on Facebook.”

“Ummm. O-kay.” Status update… loading… loading… complete. Oops.

I suppose it’s a tad criminal to steal funny moments from your kids and put them on display. But some moments are just too fun not to share. Just sayin… Continue reading

FaceBook Status: To Post or Not to Post

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This is the STATUS post I’m tempted to type every once in a while. But I’m a risk-taker. A little over the top when it comes to “not worried what others think” and I hit return often faster than my mind can say, “I’m okay with that” and then it’s too late. But that’s just me.

How many people give a lot of thought to their FB post? Before we go into the most frequently types of posts you read, let’s examine how a person decides what to post.

So about those of you who post, what do you find are the most critical things to tell the world behind the screen?


  1. Updates on your career. How many hours you worked. How many words you wrote today. How many miles you ran. How many push-ups you [I] did. Numbers aren’t everything. Just reporting, after all. After all, a little cyber-boast never heard nobody.
  2. Random things that happen to you. A mosquito bit the tip of your nose. This is worse than a nose bleed. People keep looking at you funny, like you’re picking. And you assure them, no. Not picking, just scratching. OR… A leaf lands on the palm of your hand. It must be a sign. You look up to get clarity and a branch pokes you in the eye. Ouch! Yeah. Lesson of the day: Don’t stand too close to trees. Continue reading

What to do While I’m Away!


See you all after 12 Sunrises and Sunsets! 

In Search of Waterfalls is taking her first official vacation! For 12 Days. To seek out new waterfalls, of course. But don’t panic. I’m coming back! And when I return, I hope to bring all you lovely readers fresh stories, fun pics, and maybe even a VLog or two.

So if you’re one of my faithful divers, swimmers, and the like, here’s three things you can do while I’m away… no pressure! :)

1.  Catch up on some previous Blog Posts you might have missed. There’s 100+ stories up, so peruse through at your leisure.

2.  Shoot me an email at about some topic you’d love to see me write on. Can’t make any promises, but I’m definitely open to suggestions.

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I can’t lie. I’m a little nervous to leave the cyber world for fear that I’ll miss something. Yes, I was the kids who wet her pants cuz she didn’t want to miss the fun! But even Michael Hyatt turned off for a vacation, and writes about the hows and whys and benefits now that he’s plugged in again.

I’ll see you all soon at the top of the next waterfall.

In two weeks.

Hasta Hasta!

Grace, Grace,

Rajdeep “Call me Raj” Paulus, AKA Masala Mama ♡♡♡