Mommy, What’s Twerk Mean?

AMC_8259Read the tweets and Facebook statuses of millions for the last two days if you’re confused by the Blog Title. And to be honest, I have no intention of rehashing the general schools of thought circulating, but I will tell you that they tend to side with shock and embarrassment; wow, you go girl; or same old, same bold.

I find it interesting that Miley Cyrus’ twerking got labeled tasteless by some, because Robin Thicke, the artist performing while Miley did her thang, is a dad and a husband. Last I heard, Miley’s still engaged to Liam Hemsworth. And according to those oh so reliable Hollywood reporters, Paula Patton, Robin’s wife, barely batted an eyelash.

So what’s my point, you might ask? Continue reading

Pinterest: To Pin or Not to Pin

So now we come to the world of Pinterest in this week of Social Media Posts. If you missed them, you can always pop over to the Facebook or Twitter blogs and come back for the finisher. 

I have to confess, and I hate to step on any toes of people who are obsessed with Pinterest, but this is by far, my least favorite of all the Social Media networks I choose to participate in. Don’t get me wrong, pins are beautiful, magical, and often lead to oodles of fantastic information, all through the window of a picture. I love the whole visual menu of Pinterest and the fact that you can virtually shop yourself a cyber world of your imaginaray wardrobe, dream vacations, and meals that look so perty, but are too much effort to prepare. That would take time, after all. Precious minutes that could be used searching for more pins, re-pinning and commenting on pins you like.  Continue reading

Twitter: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

So I’m doing an introspective examination of my participation of all types of Social Media this week, and today, I thought I’d make like a bird, and fly over to Twitter and discuss the merits of whether “To Tweet or Not to Tweet.” :)

So about a year ago, I was freaking out about this new *although not totally new at the time, thing called Twitter. And the pressure to join yet one more time-consuming group that would suck up my minutes. I hesitated. Hemmed and hawed. Made excuse after excuse and finally threw up the question on my Facebook, asking my “friends” whether they were pro or anti-Twitting. The majority said, “Just do it!” and on a cold, winter’s night last November, I took the plunge and dove into the icy waters of Twitter. Because when you have no one following you, it can feel a bit chilly on this side the branches. [Think birds sitting together on a branch, with one sitting all by herself on a tree nearby. Yeah. The lone bird would be me.]

“What are they tweeting about?” Lone Feathers tweets, wishing she could be part of that conversation.

“You can!” One bird ventures over and tweets back, “It’s easy. Just follow me.” Continue reading

FaceBook Status: To Post or Not to Post

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This is the STATUS post I’m tempted to type every once in a while. But I’m a risk-taker. A little over the top when it comes to “not worried what others think” and I hit return often faster than my mind can say, “I’m okay with that” and then it’s too late. But that’s just me.

How many people give a lot of thought to their FB post? Before we go into the most frequently types of posts you read, let’s examine how a person decides what to post.

So about those of you who post, what do you find are the most critical things to tell the world behind the screen?


  1. Updates on your career. How many hours you worked. How many words you wrote today. How many miles you ran. How many push-ups you [I] did. Numbers aren’t everything. Just reporting, after all. After all, a little cyber-boast never heard nobody.
  2. Random things that happen to you. A mosquito bit the tip of your nose. This is worse than a nose bleed. People keep looking at you funny, like you’re picking. And you assure them, no. Not picking, just scratching. OR… A leaf lands on the palm of your hand. It must be a sign. You look up to get clarity and a branch pokes you in the eye. Ouch! Yeah. Lesson of the day: Don’t stand too close to trees. Continue reading