Change and Charge – AIF Awards Gala 2013


Shimmer of swaying saris, crisp rustle of tuxedos and Nehru Suits, Masala Mama in her navy blue business attire walked into the Central Park Ballroom at the New York Sheraton with one goal in mind: to find a story. Disclaimer up front—I am not a journalist. I’m just about people, and I love hearing their stories. And if given permission, to share them. In order to touch, tickle and transform. That’s what the waterfalls of this life do for me, and I’m all about sharing. When I find something or someone wonderful, how dare I hoard my treasure chest.

Attended the Reception at the American India Foundation (AIF) Awards Gala last night and woke up still thinking about the stories I heard. The people I met. The laughter shared, the bridges crossed and the bridges built. In the midst of conversation and clinking glasses, I was reminded of the sweet taste of new friends and fresh dreams. And what dreams look like when they become a reality.

American India Foundation’s mission is “to accelerate social and economic change in India.” The evening was dedicated to three such individuals: namely, Ajay BangaAmartya SenRadhika Roy, and Prannoy Roy.

All four recipients continue to contribute to social and economic justice, but I wanted to meet Ajay Banga. I had read about his travels to South Africa and the catalyst of change Mastercard has become in a country on its road to recovery, and I looked forward to hearing his thoughts on life there, Post-Apartheid.

Spotted Mr. Banga when the crowd had thickened, and a swarm of fans surrounded him instantly, cameras flashing overhead. One camera. Photographs were strictly prohibited so I tucked away my iPhone and vowed to make eye contact. As I weaved my way past the hustle and bustle, I thought to myself, what am I going to say to the CEO of such a prosperous company that will cause him to give me the time of day. I considered telling a white lie.

“Hi, I’m a reporter from CNN and this tiny interview will air internationally tonight. You know you want to talk to me.” Don’t iReports count?

I settled for, “Hi. What are you drinking tonight?” Continue reading

Calling YA Readers! Blog Hop Bay-bee!

THINK Sticky Note!
When Bethany Jett of The Cinderella Rule asked me to participate in a Blog Hop, my only hesitation was if it involved a public display of jumping. Because I can jump. Your basic lifting of both feet off the floor, but if you knew the history behind my long-jumping track days, let’s just say, you wouldn’t want me on your team. Yeah. Not a good memory.
I met the gorgeous Bethany Jett in Chicago during a MacGregor Literary weekend and because she was wearing purple, I knew we would be friends!    :)
It helped that we both love teens and have a heart for teen girls and their journey through some of life’s toughest years. Bethany’s soon to be released book gives girls a map to navigate the crazy world of young love. And all things dating. And I’m all about Young Adults and healthy relationships so when she asked me to Hop on…
I said yes! And so below, you’ll find my answers to the questions each of the authors has answered or will answer as the hop keeps happening. So swing back those arms, bend your knees, and take a leap into a sneak-peek of my writing world. And make sure to hop on over to the other writer pages and discover some stellar story tellers!