My Thanksgiving Crafty Girl

So while all my girls love the holidays, Princess #2, Nitha who we like to call “Nee-Nee,” goes into each calendar celebration with the enthusiasm of a Wedding Planner. One who loves her job, of course. 

Nitha has always been artistic, and if you give her a bunch of anythings, she sees the potential, and turns them into something. Some kind of art. 

As my first middle child, she and I relate on many levels. We’re both easy-going. Take quick showers. Love the colors red and purple. And move on quickly from conflict or life’s troubles. For a middle child, I feel like she has a pretty good sense of who she is, her tastes, and her interests. 

And although I’m not the most artsy person, it’s fun to watch Nitha create, and even more fun to receive a gift she’s spend many minutes putting together. Because each piece she works on, she gives away. And she really thinks about the recipient of her gifts: their personality, favorites, and interests. Art is Nitha’s love language, but she molds her creations to reflect her future owners of her art work. I think that’s pretty cool. 

The above gallery is a little reflection of her collection. She worked on this for a few days as a gift for her teacher. Because she’s thankful for a lot this Thanksgiving, and most definitely for her teacher. Enjoy! 

**And you? Do you get into decorating the house for the Holidays? Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving dish you’re looking forward to? What are you thankful for this November?

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