First Day of School Must Knows



The sound of Family Force5 on my iPhone jars me out of a really good dream. Darn that alarm just when I’m getting to the part where I fly across an ocean with wings made of see-through glass. So what if Wonder Woman was my favorite super hero growing up. I see no connection.

My now two middle-schoolers are already changed, and my oldest is crossing things off a list—her new go-to way of being organized. One day down, only 300ish to go. Time to make the pancakes.  Continue reading

Bus Stop Waterfalls…


So my fourth and final princess boarded the Big Yellow Bus today. She’s off to her first day of Kindergarten. And I did what all good moms and dads do on that first day of school. I smiled. And breathed deeply. And held back the tears till her little legs ascended the steps and her little hand waved at record speed out the window she could barely see out of. I don’t even know if she waved actually. I think she was too busy looking at her backpack on the floor. But her little friend Sienna waved. With a smile that said, “I’m ready world! Bring it on!” Continue reading

Confessions of a Kindergarten Mom

[Winter 2006]

Forgot to put my daughter’s snack in her book bag. Got a call from Mrs. Stone who politely asked, “Hi Mrs. Paulus. How are you? Just wanted to know what you were thinking you wanted to do for Hannah’s snack today?”

Found myself falling…down, down, down from the height of “Hard-working Mom” to the depths of “Irresponsible Parent”. I hate this fall. If you’re anything like me, you’re a lot harder on yourself than the person you’ve bumped in this crowded line of life. I feel myself taking a nose-dive into disappointment with taunting words poking me on the decline: “I can’t believe I forgot my daughter’s snack? What kind of mom am I anyway? She was probably so stressed out when she opened up her backpack and turned it up-side-down looking for her snack. Sheesh.”

When Hannah gets off the bus, I ask her vaguely, “How was your day Bubbles?” 


I pry a little, “Anything hard? Anything go wrong today?”

She looks at me with a “I wonder if you know this already” look, and says, “Well, one thing. I couldn’t find my snack when I got to school.” Continue reading