A Not so Ordinary Interview of author Melissa Tagg

New_Made to Last2You know that moment when the Hollywood hottie in the long evening gown gets to introduce the nominees of the next Grammy? Well, this is that moment, minus the long dress (wearing sweats right now) and the lady you’re about to meet is more fun than a night at the Grammy’s any day. Seriously love this chica and excited for her writer journey to take off. Her debut book, Made To Last, is available now for your reading pleasure.  So… without further delay, please pull up a chair, read on, and get to know the lovely Melissa Tagg.


Raj: When you were six months old, [think hard, the memories are there somewhere,] did you find a nut and then attach it to a bolt, and think right there on the spot, one day, I will write a book that involves tools? Kidding. But as a kid, did you mess with your dad’s toolbox, help him change the oil on the car? Did you have brothers or a boyfriend that sparked the whole Home Depot play in Made to Last? In essence, what inspired the setting or set in your case of the story?

Melissa: Haha, umm…here’s the thing: Continue reading

Warrior of the Ages by S.R. Karfelt



Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it takes me three times before I’ve realized I already met you. I attribute this to my social media infused brain that doesn’t know how or if I should differentiate between a friend and a Facebook friend, a follower or a fan, a like or a LIKE. Yep, I’m that person who’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and Pinterest. And if they start a Woogler for those of us who don’t know what to do with our free seconds left after updating all our Statuses, I’ll be the second on board. First after the guy who reads this, jump-starts Woogler, and makes millions. Sigh. Hope he puts a tiny Sticky Note on his desk that says, “Thanks, Raj,” to remind him he didn’t make it big alone. Because, let’s face it, no one, makes it anywhere, alone.


So, let me introduce to you the lovely Stephanie Karfelt, one of the sassiest, craziest, entertaining bloggers I discovered a couple of years back. Turns out, we had met. Both in person and online before I realized we were “friends.” Then we became friends. And I’m so glad we did. :)

Her first book just launched! Glitz, fireworks, and high heel cupcakes graced the big par-tay, which I sadly missed, but wanted to give you a peek into her world and invite you to check out Warrior of Ages, the first in a series she’s been writing for some time now.


So without further adieu (Cuz I like to turn on my French-Canadian since you can’t hear the drum roll …) Continue reading

Perfect Clouds Blog Tour Giveaway Extravaganza!

PerfectClouds1Twenty-One Days!

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You don’t want to miss this!

Follow the tour and you’ll uncover fun facts about the authors Laura Anderson Kurk, of the beautifully written Glass Girl and equally poignant sequel Perfect Glass, and Rajdeep Paulus, debut author of Swimming Through Clouds and their novels.

Each day, the amazing Blogger team will share fun facts, quote graphics and daily uncover pieces to two Story Puzzle Pictures that ultimately share lines from Lagan and Henry. Something the boys would want to someday tell Talia and Meg, respectively.

*JUST don’t forget to scroll down all the way so you DON’T MISS the Raffle!!  Continue reading

Chatting with YA Author Laura Smith Today!














Wanted to introduce you to another Playlist Fiction teammate of mine. The other Laura! :) Laura Smith is a natural-born leader. You can tell the moment you meet her that she loves life and she’s a take charge type of gal. We are both raising four kiddos. and we both love teen girls and long to tell them the truth—You’re beautiful. You’re loved. And You are so worth loving! 


In Laura Smith’s Status Update Series, she introduces readers to four college girls who are off to find their place in this world, define themselves, and navigate through life’s nitty and gritty. That space between teen and almost adult is a time when so many defining moments can and often happen in a girl’s life. Find out more about Laura and the heart behind her stories in this fun little interview below!!


Raj: Laura Smith, when did you know you wanted to write for teen girls? Do you ever think, “I wish someone had told me this when I was teen” when you craft your stories?  Continue reading

Where I’ve Been Hanging Out!


So, in case you don’t have one foot in every Social Media door [yeah, some of us walk on all fours!] you might not know where I’ve been hanging.


Here are a few hot spots from the past few weeks in case you’re looking for that girl named, Rajdeep, call me “Raj,” Paulus.

For starters, had a little spotlight thanks to the sweet team over at:






LAURA KURK’s Su-weet Blog! where Glass Girl‘s author took the time to ask yours truly a bunch of questions, and this girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, put her sleeve out there. Enjoy!! And thanks so much Laura, for taking the time to give me such a gracious and firework intro!


And you? What would be your dream job if there were no limits? Money, time, sky or otherwise? Have you ever won anything in an online GIVEaway?? Keep an on-line ear out cuz in a couple of weeks, Laura and I are kicking off a “Perfect Clouds YA Blog Tour,” to kick off the launch of the JUNE Playlist Fiction Releases, Swimming Through Clouds and Perfect Glass! Full of Blog hops and supa-fun book Swag GiveAways! You won’t want to miss it!

Meet Ms. New York United States 2012


Jeannette Josue (Ms. New York United States) with Erik Mckay

Although I love to make up stories and do the novel/fiction thing, I’m also an off the charts extrovert who loves to write about the lives of cool peeps I meet! 

Today, I want to share an up close and personal with the lovely Jeannette Josue, the current Ms. New York United States. She’s modeled Nomi Network‘s products and helped present the awards last night at their annual Rockefeller Center Reception with the help of actor Erik McKay. Yes, we’re talking the real deal winner of a major beauty pageant! She’s so cool and fun and has been a blast to get to know. Dive into the interview below and plan to discover the deep and fun world of a woman who is beautiful, inside and out!  Continue reading

From Andrew to Sandy… A Survivor’s Story


If you missed Part One of this story, take a moment to catch up and come back to read the eye-witness account of a hurricane survivor. Someone whom I love dearly…My hubs. Sun’s family weathered through 92’s Hurricane Andrew in Miami, and he’s here with us today to share what life was like, post storm days. 

Raj: Hi Bubs! Thanks for guest-blogging today in my Hurricane series. Let’s start with a visual question. What did you see immediately after the hurricane passed and you were able to get out of the garage? Was anything still in tact?  

Sun: Let me back up a bit. Continue reading

Moved… to Ask a Few Questions

When I last left you at the Hilton on Movement Day, the opening session had just began and Ajith Fernando was speaking in front of the thousand plus attendees in the Grande Ballroom. But I hadn’t finished my morning volunteer duties, so I can’t say that I heard much of what he said. As I made my way back to the registration desk, a big guy, sporting a serious bottom goat is speaking with my supervisor. I guess my next person is up. I wait on the side until she finishes reviewing his schedule.

“So, where ya from Rick?” I can’t deny the fact that I’m a little curious as to how this guy got on the VIP list. He looks a little shady.

“Portland.” Well that explains it. Kidding. :)

“Cool. Have you been in the city long? Had a chance to do anything fun yet?”

“Nope. But my wife is out with some friends of ours having a great time while I’m here.”

This one’s a bit of a wise guy. I read his name tag: Rick McKinley, Pastor of Imago Dei. “You seem kinda young to be a Pastor?” Don’t know why I said this! Maybe it was the conversation about age with Tim Keller

“Yup. But I also started the church. Twelve years ago.”

“Very cool.” We’re about to enter the green room, so I warn him. “It’s not green.” Then tell him a little about myself and my writing dream. We have a nice chat and he tells me to shoot him a copy of my book when it comes out. As I leave Rick to powder his nose, I think to myself, I hope I get to hear him speak. Something tells me he’ll make me laugh. Continue reading