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Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it takes me three times before I’ve realized I already met you. I attribute this to my social media infused brain that doesn’t know how or if I should differentiate between a friend and a Facebook friend, a follower or a fan, a like or a LIKE. Yep, I’m that person who’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and Pinterest. And if they start a Woogler for those of us who don’t know what to do with our free seconds left after updating all our Statuses, I’ll be the second on board. First after the guy who reads this, jump-starts Woogler, and makes millions. Sigh. Hope he puts a tiny Sticky Note on his desk that says, “Thanks, Raj,” to remind him he didn’t make it big alone. Because, let’s face it, no one, makes it anywhere, alone.


So, let me introduce to you the lovely Stephanie Karfelt, one of the sassiest, craziest, entertaining bloggers I discovered a couple of years back. Turns out, we had met. Both in person and online before I realized we were “friends.” Then we became friends. And I’m so glad we did. :)

Her first book just launched! Glitz, fireworks, and high heel cupcakes graced the big par-tay, which I sadly missed, but wanted to give you a peek into her world and invite you to check out Warrior of Ages, the first in a series she’s been writing for some time now.


So without further adieu (Cuz I like to turn on my French-Canadian since you can’t hear the drum roll …)

Raj: When did this story first stir up inside you?

Steph: An engineering conference in March 2008, during an epiphany producing migraine.

Raj: Any fun story behind the names of your characters?

Steph: I’ve collected names for many years, some came from my collection. I can tell you that Wolves, the dog’s name, gave my editor fits. (You know plural name for a singular dog!)

Raj: Hollywood hotties you’d recruit for the movie version!

Steph: This is my area of pathetic social awkwardness. I don’t know any Hollywood anything. I don’t watch TV at all. This means I’m the only person who can’t name a single face on those tabloids in the checkout line. Nerd. HUGE nerd. If someone were to have a telethon for nerds, I could be the poster child. Though, of course, I wouldn’t watch it, but someone would surely tell me about it, and like a nerd I’d Google it.  

Raj: Playlist? At least three songs that would go with your book, a scene or maybe a theme song for a character?

Steph: I made up a playlist for my book release party. This I can do! The song that inspired an opening scene is Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend (get the CLEAN version) because you know those Brits use a certain word very casually. Let it Grow by Eric Clapton. Resistance by Muse. 

Raj:  What author/stories out there would you compare it to… ie. If you loved ______, you’ll want to pick WOA up NOW.

Steph:   A similar story that comes to mind is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, because WOA is a mixture of genres: Action Adventure/Historical/Epic. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. WOA is kind of a cross between all of those genre-wise. 

Raj: A deleted scene or fact that had to leave for the story to turn out the way it did.

Steph: There is a lunch scene between the two Main Characters that had to be cut early on. As one of them is finicky vegetarian from our world, and the other is an ancient immortal warrior, the juxtaposition of the two characters sitting together at a diner in a small town was hysterically funny. He’s stoic and long-suffering; she’s open and brutally frank. I loved that scene. 

Raj: Do you ever dream about your story? Should we expect to fall in love? Go to prison for wanting to hurt the “bad guy?” Or jump into Fast and Furious Six or Seven or Eight, riding that sweet ride of your heroine’s!

Steph: Yes, I’ve dreamed this story, and many nights I’ve written all night because I didn’t want to leave it. I can promise you will feel it right down to your toes and not want to go to sleep either. Make of that what you will, no spoilers!

Raj: What do you hope readers will leave with when they turn the last page (without any spoilers of course.)

Steph: Satisfied and intrigued. It is a series, but each novel ends. I promise not to leave you hanging after the end. I don’t promise to satisfy your craving for more! I don’t want to be the only one anxious to jump into the next book!

Raj: Sequel? Time line for it to come out? if you have that down. And Will it change based on readers’ reactions to Book One?

Steph: Book #2 is written. It will be out as quickly as it can get through edits and all the behind the scenes activity. The plan is January 2014, though I’m wishing and hoping for sooner. Book #3 is drafted out and should be out within a year. I’m really hoping to squish in time to write a stand alone novel I’ve been working on too. If only I could write in my sleep!

Raj: If you could make a cameo appearance in your book, which scene would you drop into? And why? Sure, this might be a spoiler question, but I’ll warn the readers.

Steph: After spending so much time with this book, I feel like I’ve already been in every scene! 

Raj: Thanks so much Steph!! And huge congrats on your writer dream coming true! :)



DSC_1682S. R. Karfelt loves laughter, writing Speculative Fiction, being a wife and mother, and dabbling in the high-tech industry for story-fodder.  Find her humorous take on writing at:  www.TheGlitterGlobe.com.  And follow her on Twitter and check out her Facebook Page!


And you? Have you read a blog or book this summer that deserves a shout-out! What would you do for a high-heel cupcake? Would you handstand-walk down 42nd Street in NYC to spice up your people-watching skills and get a better view of the fancy footwear in the hustle and bustle of it all? I might. But only after a mani-pedi.


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8 thoughts on “Warrior of the Ages by S.R. Karfelt

  1. Would the cupcake be chocolate with raspberry mousse inside? Because twice I faked my own birthday to get one of those.

    Wish you could have seen those cupcakes at my book release party. The book is called “Warrior of the Ages” just imagine the guy’s faces when they saw sparkly cupcakes that looked like high heels! “Um, what does that have to do with warriors?” They all asked.

    If you’re wondering the same thing, check out my book trailer video on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-qdivD8JQE

    • We can certainly arrange for a raspberry mousse infused cup of chocolate. :)

      To the high heels/warrior ?, I’d reply, “Isn’t it obvious? Every Epic novel is love story, when it comes down to it. A fierce, sword-swinging male fighting for the love of his life. Who wears heels. Duh!”

      And yes, make sure to check out the super-coolio book trailer vid!