Minty Makeover-a Girl’s Room DIY


Each time we’ve began some sort of home improvement project in the house, whether it’s spring-cleaning the pantry, installing organizers and shelving in the bathroom, or sorting through the spot next to the microwave. You know the place. We all have one in our kitchens, where mail, school notices, small toys picked up after being stepped on get shoved. Until it’s an impending avalanche upon slightest touch zone. The place where you’re better off pointing to it and just saying, “It’s in there. Somewhere,” and turning your back before the rolling eyes suggest you had something to do with it. 

Well, I cleaned that spot the other day. It looks so neat and nice, I don’t want anyone to touch it. Worse part, I forgot to take the “before” pic, so my friends who don’t come around every week would believe me when I described the niche as dangerous. 


And I always forget to take the before pics. Which drives me nuts, because without them, it’s hard to truly see the extent of change and progress that was made. 




When the summer began, and we decided to take our concrete floored basement room with 70’s wood-paneled walls and styrofoam squared ceiling and fix it up for the girls, I made sure to snap some shots. The floor was grey. The color of concrete. The walls were brown, striped, wood, particle board sheets. And the ceiling was falling. Literally. Several styrofoam spots were coming undone, giving it a “the sky is falling” feel to the room. Yeah. Not good.


Why am I going into so much detail, you might ask, since I took all these pictures. Well…

as fate would have it, I had to delete some pics off my phone to make room for interviews during Soulfest, and one night, in a panicked state of “must delete everything” so I can get a cute shot of Sarah with Plumb, I erased a lot of shots, especially the ones without people in them. Couldn’t even tell what I was erasing. Until later. 


When we started painting the room and Hubby says, “Wouldn’t it be fun to show people the before and after looks of this room?”


“Took care of it,” I say while scrolling through the pics on my phone. Then I remember. Yep. All gone. Oh well, whatcha gonna do. Best I can do is show you the new room and hope you believe me when I say, it’s like night and day. 


I am so in love with the makeover, whenever I walk downstairs, I feel like I’m stepping into a children’s book or a cup of mint-flavored Italian ice, the pastels so soft yet bright, the ceiling made to imitate the sky. We brought the sun inside. Literally! 


Enjoy the pics, and know that this is what we’ve been doing all summer. And it’s finally done! Back to writing, I go. 


image-7 image image-5image-1 image-9And you? What have you been up to all summer? Are the kiddos off to a new school year yet? Any DIY projects you want to share? Are you all summered out or sad to see her go?

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4 thoughts on “Minty Makeover-a Girl’s Room DIY

  1. This is adorable! It is seriously just beautiful! Very fresh. Bet the girls love it.
    I scored an office this summer. From the desk in the corner of my bedroom (that looked a lot like the pile you described) to a Real Office. Turned my son’s once teenage man cave (dark walls, carpet, windows hadn’t been opened in years, embedded goldfish crackers in all) to the yellow office of light. *waves magic wand*
    I don’t have any before pictures either Raj.
    We’ll trust each other on that.

    • Oooh, yellow! Fun. My dream is to have a field of lilacs office. Someday! Worse case scenario, when the princesses grow up and leave our miniature castle, I’ll take over the tree house! Works for me :) .