Minty Makeover-a Girl’s Room DIY


Each time we’ve began some sort of home improvement project in the house, whether it’s spring-cleaning the pantry, installing organizers and shelving in the bathroom, or sorting through the spot next to the microwave. You know the place. We all have one in our kitchens, where mail, school notices, small toys picked up after being stepped on get shoved. Until it’s an impending avalanche upon slightest touch zone. The place where you’re better off pointing to it and just saying, “It’s in there. Somewhere,” and turning your back before the rolling eyes suggest you had something to do with it. 

Well, I cleaned that spot the other day. It looks so neat and nice, I don’t want anyone to touch it. Worse part, I forgot to take the “before” pic, so my friends who don’t come around every week would believe me when I described the niche as dangerous. 


And I always forget to take the before pics. Which drives me nuts, because without them, it’s hard to truly see the extent of change and progress that was made.  Continue reading