From Andrew to Sandy… A Survivor’s Story

If you missed Part One of this story, take a moment to catch up and come back to read the eye-witness account of a hurricane survivor. Someone whom I love dearly…My hubs. Sun’s family weathered through 92’s Hurricane Andrew in Miami, and he’s here with us today to share what life was like, post storm days. 

Raj: Hi Bubs! Thanks for guest-blogging today in my Hurricane series. Let’s start with a visual question. What did you see immediately after the hurricane passed and you were able to get out of the garage? Was anything still in tact?  

Sun: Let me back up a bit. Continue reading

From Andrew to Sandy

Hurricane Sandy destroyed our grill. But, this was the worst of the damage for us.

On route back from Chicago, Hubs gets a call. From a coworker who happens to be a psychologist. He’s giving a lecture tomorrow on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after natural disasters and major crises, and he wants to discuss this topics with the Family Medicine residents. Physicians and other men and women like police officers and firefighters can be perceived as invincible during a crisis. Rick Vickers helped hospital staff walk through the aftermath of 9/11 and the 1990 Avianca plane crash in Oyster Bay. He’s keenly aware that when doctors get flooded with patients hungry to share stories of their losses and heartaches, someone needs to turn the tables and say, “What’s up doc?” to help the physicians process their personal experiences as well. After all, they’re only human. In turn, the residents will hopefully be able to use the same line of questioning and counselling with their patients in the coming days and months post Sandy and all her side effects. 

“Would you want to share some reflections on what life was like during and after Hurricane Andrew?” Rick asks Hubs. 

“Of course.” Hubs remembers certain key details of the ’92 disaster like it was yesterday. Some is fuzzy. [A normal part of PTSD involves blurred memories.] He and his family lost nearly everything. It’s a miracle that they’re alive. Really. 

I think God saved him for me. :)  Continue reading