Who is Your Neighbor?


Supei Liu of Nomi Network

When I grew up in Canada, we knew our neighbors. The ones next door. The ones down the street. And definitely the ones across the street, especially the mother who screamed, “Ian!” every evening around 6:00PM, a.k.a. dinner time, because Ian loved to play outdoors, no matter the weather or the season.

As I grew up and we moved the States, I noticed more and more, that society turned inward. Kids played outside less. Folks paid landscapers to mow their lawns, so you rarely caught a glimpse of your neighbors unless they were pulling in or out of their driveway.

Fast forward a decade and Hubs and I end up in New York. The very mention of New York suggests high rises, pricey goods, and crowded subways. Oh, and fear. Don’t trust anyone, especially your neighbors. Then, by a fun turn of events, we moved into the town of Oyster Bay, first to Glen Cove and then, Locust Valley, where we currently live.

I never imagined being on a street where you not only know your neighbors, they become like family to you. And they have… Continue reading

From Andrew to Sandy… A Survivor’s Story


If you missed Part One of this story, take a moment to catch up and come back to read the eye-witness account of a hurricane survivor. Someone whom I love dearly…My hubs. Sun’s family weathered through 92’s Hurricane Andrew in Miami, and he’s here with us today to share what life was like, post storm days. 

Raj: Hi Bubs! Thanks for guest-blogging today in my Hurricane series. Let’s start with a visual question. What did you see immediately after the hurricane passed and you were able to get out of the garage? Was anything still in tact?  

Sun: Let me back up a bit. Continue reading

The Drop Off… Hurricane Sandy Send-offs


Knock on the bedroom door at 2:37AM alerts me that it’s time. 

Time to begin an epic drive out of post-hurricane New York City and back home to our Beloved Windy City—Chicago.

The worst part, there’s still no power after Sandy whipped her way through Long Island. So we’re sharing head lamps to find last second items, and in the end I just settle for two socks. Who cares if they don’t match? We are on a schedule and if we don’t leave soon, someone’s going to miss more than a final glimpse of the skyline during a Wednesday morning sunrise. 

In all seriousness, [yes, I can be serious] before my parents arrived a few days back for their 45th Anniversary celebration, hubby actually told me that he had plans to wake everyone up on Monday morning and take them to the beach. To watch a sunrise. 

“Not happening.” I warned him. “My parents are retired. They cherish their sleep.”

Well, it’s Wednesday morning a little before 3AM. And…it’s happening! Continue reading