Be My Underwater Valentine!

No one ever gave me chocolate or flowers on Valentine’s Day…until I got married. Even then, my hubby has never been a traditionalist. In fact, on our first Valentine’s day as newlyweds, I received a gift that plunged me under the sea. Literally.
I’m reading about magic while my med school hubster examines microbiology slides for tomorrow’s quiz. Just a typical day in our lives at Ross Medical School on the island of Dominica. When I turn the page, he slips an envelope on top of Harry Potter’s first run in with Voldemort. I mindlessly shuffle it behind the back cover and keep reading. 
“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Sun says quietly, giving priority to the envelope. 
Potter, you will have to wait. Continue reading

Living: An Extreme Sport

A Room with a View…
Two years ago, hubby and I ventured over to Catalina Island in mid February. Just the two of us.
On the one hour boat ride over to Catalina, we enjoy the wind blowing through our hair and the words, “It never rains in Southern California” seem ominously untrue with the dark clouds looming above. But it doesn’t actually rain. Much. By the time the boat pulls into the docks, the sun is beaming and we are on our way to four days of Operation Anniversary Adventure, Take 12. In three months, we’ll be married twelve years. We are celebrating a little early this year. 
After we check into our spacious villa that overlooks the ocean, we venture down to the waterfront in our golf cart [hubby’s first time driving one] for a late lunch/early dinner and some grocery shopping. We figure we’ll cook some of our meals to offset the cost of the nicer accommodations, and when you’re only feeding two mouths—cheese, crackers, fruit and cold cuts count as a meal.  Continue reading