Can I Have This Dance?

I love to dance. Even if most days I have two left feet, when I hear music, my feet can’t help but move. As does the rest of my body. Whether the parts all motion in sync or a little off step, I can’t help but get up and sway when the tunes reach my ears and seep down into my toes. 

Plus I’m Punjabi. And if you’re Punjabi, you have to dance. It’s kind of like a prerequisite for claiming your Punjabi status. 

Officer: “So you’re Punjabi?” 

Me: “Yes.”

Officer: “Then you dance? Is that correct? Because I love Indian music and dancing!”

Me: “Yes. Of course.”

Officer: “In that case, I believe you. I’ll let the ticket slide… This time.”

This really happened to me when I got pulled over for speeding. The police officer agreed to retract my fine when I promised he could join my friends and me in the city for some Basement Bhangra! Okay, I jest. But wouldn’t that have been cool!?! 😉 Continue reading