Confessions of a Leaf Thief… One Year Later

I talked to my mom today. A sort of confession if you will. I told her how it all started. Five years ago. I was a crazed mom of four kids under the age of seven, desperate for one good photograph of her princesses.

She asked all the right questions. The ones a mom is supposed to ask.

“Did your neighbor mind?”

“Did she get mad?”

Does she even know?

And “Don’t you think you could have just asked her?”

And then Mom concluded with the words that soothed my guilty soul. “Well, I suppose she probably didn’t want those leaves.”

And “I guess if she was planning to rake them in the end, you were probably doing her a favor.” “Yeah, it wasn’t that bad of a thing.”
But just as quickly as she sided with me, she put her Mom hat back on.

“But don’t do it again!”

And “You need to knock on her door and ask first from now on. Okay!?!”

“Yes, Mom. I promise.”

So, I thought it only fair to show you the spoils of the last five years of my life as a ciminal. A Leaf Thief to be exact.  

And if you’ve never ventured over to the dark side, the side where crime and confession go hand in hand, know this. I have taken a stroll on the streets of broken laws, and the way of the wayward is not without hope. I confess I stole. Today, I steal no more. 

2012 Fall Photos are calling my name. Before the last leaf falls, I vow to change my ways. Knock on the door. And ask first. 

But if she’s not home…

Kidding mom. 

I’ll leave a note. :)

 Anything you want to confess? Nothing like a storm to shake the truth out of you! And me both! :)



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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Leaf Thief… One Year Later

  1. I knew there was something dangerous and dastardly about you!
    But, I have to say, the results of your criminal behavior make it worth it.

    • Ha! :) But I didn’t steal anything from you when we were roomies… but I did keep the earplugs you lent me. Didn’t work though! BUT somehow we survived!! Now that *unmentionable act of snoring … that was Criminal with a capital C!! … just sayin! – Raj