Operation “I Can Do This!”

Couldn’t pull off the Karate Kid Final Kick Position…kept slipping off the log! Balance Issues…
Day 99: Reporting

So thirteen days ago, I began Operation I Can Do THIS! And I vowed to do it for 112 days. Because my trainer extraordinaire and owner of Metaburn Fitness—Coach Rahz *Not to be confused with Raj, says, “If you do something consistently for 16 weeks, you’ll see a real difference.” 

And that’s what I’m looking for. These prego pounds that have clung to me for the last decade have gotsta go. I want to wear my sleeveless dresses and see a nice soft roller coaster effect going down my jiggle-free arms. And my butt. Plan to leave it behind. Pun intended folks. This is all kinds of serious. Finally, I’m *brace yourselves, 41 years old. Not getting any younger here. And if I don’t kick this body into high gear now, menopause lurks around the next corner, just waiting to punch me in the face and tell me, it’s too late. Have to beat her to the punch. Pun intended. Is that even a pun? 
Anyway, four days ago, I weighed myself. It was not pretty. The scale stared back at me with a number I’m embarrassed to publicize. But I will. When Day 111 boils down to Day 1. Because I hear it all the time. Numbers are overrated. Look at your BMI. Your dress size. Your reflection in the mirror. But, I’m telling you that even though numbers aren’t everything, they are something. And you  should pay attention to them in order to motivate you. We all need a little motivation. Daily motivation. Sometimes several times a day. 

And don’t work at McDonald’s. Or Dunkin Donuts. Or Carvel. For the next 99 days. Because free food is not the answer to your body’s economic crisis. You have too much. More will only give you more to have to move off. And this moving job is no kind of easy. 

It will require four daily doses of discipline:

1. Clean Eating.

2. Activity.

3. Laughter. 

4. A friend.

Number one is not easy for me. Possibly the hardest task of all. Cuz I have a weakness for three not so good foods for you: moose tracks ice cream, Nutella on anything, and cappuccino muffins from Shop and Stop. I guess you can throw in there fresh pizza and sweet potato fries. And red velvet cupcakes. And… hold up. Let’s stay focused here. 

So what does eating clean include since it excludes the stuff listed above? Water. Lots of it. Protein. In the form of shakes, egg whites, lean meats. Chicken breast. Tuna. Fish. Fruit, but only in the morning. Salad. Lettuce. As much as you want. And you have to eat a lot. If your calorie count drops too low, your metabolism rate drops, and your body stops. It took me a long time to learn this lesson. Starving yourself doesn’t make you skinny. It just gets you crazy. And then you gain it all back and then some. It’s called revenge of the famished fat cells. 

And Sleep

But sleep isn’t something you digest, you might argue. It is in my books. When I don’t sleep regular hours, I don’t sleep well. And when I don’t sleep well, I don’t feel rested. And I feel groggy, I eat crap. I get lazy and pop a piece of toast covered with Nutella into my mouth and call it “protein.” Yeah, like 2% protein, and 98% fluff. 

Number two is activity. This involves working out. Getting the heart beat up folks. And lifting a fork to the lips does not count as curls. Unless your fork weighs 12 pounds and the only thing on the end of it is lettuce. I’ll even let you squeeze some lemon on it. Run with an iPod. Get your music fix for the day. Bike around the neighborhood. Find out who’s taking care of their yard and who’s got a dandelion garden blooming. Walk. Yes, walking counts. And walking helps you slow down and think. Or enjoy a nice stroll with a friend. And talk. Face time doesn’t get much better than that. 
And lift weights. You have to build some muscle to burn the fat. Pure biological facts. And I’m no doctor, but I get that.

And number three is simple. Laugh. I’m sure it burns a lot of calories. But you can’t get all mopey about the food you miss or the next set of ten push-ups you have to do. Just have a hearty guffaw and get back in there. And bite that celery stick like you love it. Like it’s the next best thing to a custard-filled churro. And laugh at yourself. You won’t be able to do those ten push-ups in a row at first. So when you fall on your face. Laugh. Then try again. When I started working out in November of last year, I could hardly do three. Now, eight months later, I can pump out thirty. Three Zero folks. That did not happen overnight. 

And the last one is obvious. I think. You can’t do it alone. It helps to find someone to do this with. Or in my case, I just need to report to someone. My hubby. My trainer. My sister. I am all about telling someone what’s up. And what went down the hatch today. Because I’m my own worst enemy. When it comes to excusing poor eating and poor choices. Self-deception has one person she hates. A friend you tell the truth to. So get one. Or tell the one you already have. And keep it real. We’re not here to judge each other. But to remind each other that we are not alone. Cheer each other on. 

And as my hubby, who happens to be a doc, always says, “You didn’t gain it overnight, so don’t expect to lose it in one day.”

Rahz: This is day 13. Sixteen weeks equals 112 days. I’m in it to win it. The prize is my health and my head-turning body. I am not falling off the band wagon this time. Cuz this is the lock down unit. I’m in and I can’t get out. Till I get to Day 1. Thanks for the gift of the goal. I’ll meet you at the finish line! 

**Anyone want to join me? Come one, come all! Don’t wait for another January 1st to make a New Year’s resolution you don’t plan to keep. Start here. Start now. Right Here. Right Now!

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4 thoughts on “Operation “I Can Do This!”

  1. Yeah Rachel!! If you need someone to remind you that it’s worth it, FB a “tempted to eat chocolate break-down” message and I’ll zap it out of your hands and send it off to the future! :-) FIRST MARATHON!! Awesome goal! I think goals are huge… I’m shooting for next year’s TOUGH Mudder! I want to be able to cross the finish line, but not on my knees! :)

  2. Yes you can. You may have to change places you go, and things you bring home, and hardest of all, people you hang with, but you can do this. Those nearest and dearest are behind you (no pun intended). Having a husband who’s also an MD is something others would envy when trying to do what you set out to do. Your little princesses are sure to be on your side, as are your fans (readers). God bless and keep you going.

  3. I’m in. I started training for my “gasp” first marathon so I’m in it with you sista!!! I’m on my second week of official training!!! We can do it!! =)