Operation “I Can Do This!”

Couldn’t pull off the Karate Kid Final Kick Position…kept slipping off the log! Balance Issues…
Day 99: Reporting

So thirteen days ago, I began Operation I Can Do THIS! And I vowed to do it for 112 days. Because my trainer extraordinaire and owner of Metaburn Fitness—Coach Rahz *Not to be confused with Raj, says, “If you do something consistently for 16 weeks, you’ll see a real difference.” 

And that’s what I’m looking for. These prego pounds that have clung to me for the last decade have gotsta go. I want to wear my sleeveless dresses and see a nice soft roller coaster effect going down my jiggle-free arms. And my butt. Plan to leave it behind. Pun intended folks. This is all kinds of serious. Finally, I’m *brace yourselves, 41 years old. Not getting any younger here. And if I don’t kick this body into high gear now, menopause lurks around the next corner, just waiting to punch me in the face and tell me, it’s too late. Have to beat her to the punch. Pun intended. Is that even a pun? Continue reading