National Honor Society “Scuberty” Mom

2013-03-22 05.41.09If you’re a frequent Waterfall Seeker, you know I’m a tad nutty. And I have issues with obsessive touching and luscious lips. Sounds R-rated, until you realize I’m referring to a tiny mole. That has a magnetic pull on my fingers. And my allergy to Aleve. On the puffy lips note, that is.

When my kids read my blog, they often roll their eyes and exclaim, “Mom! Really? Did you have to tell the world about that?”

Well, no. Of course not. But then again, why not?

So yesterday morning, as I rubbed the sleepy grit from my eyes, my second Princess was busy pushing toothpaste out of an almost empty tube. Empty because of its use on my face. My face with a— “Mom! That’s huge!”

She’s referring to the teenage-sized zit that screams ‘look at me’ to the right of my nose. “Mom. Tell me you’re NOT going to blog about it. Because that would just be so weird.”

Well, I wasn’t. Until I do. Because in the span of twenty-four hours, this tiny little bugger sucks up so many minutes of my visual attention, I think it’s only natural to give it a shout out for reminding me that anything in life is game. For material.

What I can’t stand about zits is their attention envy. I mean nothing says it louder. “Hello! I am not supposed to be here. But I am. Go ahead. Stare.” Well, maybe a mole. But the one I have is out of sight. Just not out of mind. Grrrrrr.

So, Hubs walks in to the cafe to have lunch with me yesterday, and the first thing he asks, “Is it me or are you going through scuberty?”


“Scuberty. Puberty, second time round.” Doctor-humor at its best. Or worst.


Truth is, I started breaking out more after I began my writing endeavors. Somehow, I’m beginning to think the whole facial blemish thing might be connected to the fact that I spend so much time in the heads of make-belief teens. Want a sample? Young Adult Fiction has me deep in the drama of high school hormones. What can I say?

Later that afternoon, a pilot friend of mine walks into the cafe. Haven’t seen him in a while, so I turn my face into his shoulder for a hug, hoping he won’t spot it.

“How’s it goin?” He says, all smiles and sweat. Just came from working out.

“Awesome.” I answer. “Just don’t look at my face.” So much for not drawing attention to the tiny pink mountain on my cheek.

“Oh that. Did you name it?”

Are we talking about the zit. On my face?

“My friends and I name ours. When we see each other we say, ‘How’s life? And George? How’s he doing?’”

Hilarious. Make the pimple your friend. Now there’s an idea for the start of a book on self-esteem. Name your zit and hug it too. Metaphorically speaking.

“Well, at least you don’t have to go anywhere important tonight.” The cafe owner says, “Don’t you just hate it when those little things pop up right before a huge affair where you’ll see a bunch of people.”

Umm. Actually. There is one thing. Tonight’s Locust Valley’s National Honor Society Induction ceremony, and I can’t get out of it. And everyone knows that everyone notices the thing on your face even more when you try to hide it with make-up. Like painting over a crack without sanding and spackle, the crack only looks like a painted crack. Yep. Still there.

2013-03-21 19.04.21

Well, I decide to distract by drawing attention to other things. Blazer that says, “Oooh. Professional.” Socks that don’t match. Keeping eyes on the lower half of my body. And a sparkly shirt that hurts the eyes. Forcing eyes to shift away for fear of dizzying side effects.

Best part of the night is I actually forget. Throw a tad of cover-up over the spot and get caught up in the festivities of the night. Sure there are the formalities of defining how these hundred or so kids get elected for the Junior National Honor Society, the attributes of character, leadership, service, scholarship and citizenship. And candle-lighting. But what makes the night so endearing are the students’ responses. To their “proudest moments” and “future goals.” Both read aloud as each boy and girl walks across the stage for diplomas, handshakes and applause.

Tom Hogan, Principal of Locust Valley Middle School

Tom Hogan, Principal of Locust Valley Middle School

The answers are as diverse as the student body. Some tickle while others touch. And on occasion, a 7th grader’s dream evokes a second round of applause along with some chuckles and cheers.

A few “proudest moments” included:

*When my baby sister was born

*Singing with my brother at the National Open

*Returning a $50 bill when I could have kept it


*Graduating from elementary school.

And a peek at some of Locust Valley kids’ “future goals”:

*Play ball in the NBA

*Live a good life and have a fun job

*Teach my dog how to fetch things

*Be a writer [Had to include that one… And yes… that was my Princess up there sharing her dream!]

And the answer that almost got a standing ovation:

“To be President of the United States!”

Right then and there, I think to myself, I need to meet this kid. Find out if he’s serious. Start campaigning. Write a blog about him, so that someday I can say I knew him when…

Name’s Shane Goodman. The kid’s all smiles and confidence. And he is serious about his goal. As serious as you can be in the seventh grade. I pat his shoulder and tell him, “You know what? Someone’s gotta do the job. So why not you? I say go for it!”

And you have to admit. That’s a near perfect last name if you’re running for President. Goodman. A good man. He has my vote!

2013-03-21 19.51.17

And not once does he, or anyone that evening, mention the thing. On my face. Did it disappear? Nope. Because the truth is, minor distractions like acne are just that. Distractions. From the really important things in life. Like our kids. And their futures. And can I just say I love this hometown community on the outskirts of the Big Apple. Been a big week for Locust Valley! First the Jesters and their smashing musical performance of Beauty and the Beast, and now this. Walking out, I know I wasn’t the only parent smiling ear to ear. Because dreams inspire dreaming. And every world-changing hero and heroine started with a dream.

Should have warned you about my Proud Mama moment unleashing.

Watch out tomorrow! Locust Valley kids are a’coming!  

Charge on kids. Take hold of your dreams. We’re behind you. One hundred per cent!


Happy Friday, All. Spring Break is about to kick off for a lot of us. Any plans? Have you ever tried the toothpaste method? Giving you permission to splat my blog with proud parent posts! Go ahead! :)

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