National Honor Society “Scuberty” Mom

2013-03-22 05.41.09If you’re a frequent Waterfall Seeker, you know I’m a tad nutty. And I have issues with obsessive touching and luscious lips. Sounds R-rated, until you realize I’m referring to a tiny mole. That has a magnetic pull on my fingers. And my allergy to Aleve. On the puffy lips note, that is.

When my kids read my blog, they often roll their eyes and exclaim, “Mom! Really? Did you have to tell the world about that?”

Well, no. Of course not. But then again, why not?

So yesterday morning, as I rubbed the sleepy grit from my eyes, my second Princess was busy pushing toothpaste out of an almost empty tube. Empty because of its use on my face. My face with a— “Mom! That’s huge!”

She’s referring to the teenage-sized zit that screams ‘look at me’ to the right of my nose. “Mom. Tell me you’re NOT going to blog about it. Because that would just be so weird.”

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Presidential Pursuits

I ran for president. Back in the day. 

This is going way back. All the way back to my senior year in high school at Livonia Stevenson. 

We were new in town, my sister and I. We had just moved across the border from Windsor, Ontario to the Detroit side for the sole purpose of saving on college tuition. My brother was a freshman in college, and the one hour move across the river cut tuition costs in half. My parents were good financial planners.

Strange thing was, I didn’t mind the move, even though I left several great friendships on the Canuck side. I liked the idea of starting over. Clean slate. No one knew me. I could recreate my image, my reputation, and my personality if I really tried. In the end, I couldn’t help but be me, and that was that. But change was something I welcomed in my wonder years. 

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