Would Cinderella say, “Call me, maybe…?”

High Res cover Cinderella Rule-1Here with the lovely Bethany Jett, today. And super excited to share this fun interview with you. Because, Bethany is a doll, both inside and out, and she has such a heart for teens and healthy relationships, two of my heartbeats. I think that’s why we clicked right away when we first met. I knew from our first conversation that she didn’t have all the answers, but she has some pretty challenging insights on the whole madness of dating. And I, for one, think her new book The Cinderella Rule is worth a read if you’re in the midst of Dating Daze, a parent of teens, or someone who works closely with high school or colllege students.

So please allow me to introduce you to Bethany Jett. Now. :)
Raj: Another book about dating! What makes this one different, in your opinion? And when should a teen read this? Before or during a relationship?
Bethany: The Cinderella Rule is all about how to be pursued, and teaches how much access to give a guy during the various stages of dating. I think teens should read this book immediately!–regardless of where you are in your dating life. If you haven’t dated anyone, it’ll help you avoid some common dating mistakes and teach you how to make a guy want to chase you. If you have dated, or are dating someone, it can help you assess your relationship and give you a basis for where your relationship is headed.
Raj: So your favorite Disney Princess is… Cinderella? Are you implying that every girl has a Prince out there waiting for her? Unpack the title a little for me! :) Continue reading

National Honor Society “Scuberty” Mom

2013-03-22 05.41.09If you’re a frequent Waterfall Seeker, you know I’m a tad nutty. And I have issues with obsessive touching and luscious lips. Sounds R-rated, until you realize I’m referring to a tiny mole. That has a magnetic pull on my fingers. And my allergy to Aleve. On the puffy lips note, that is.

When my kids read my blog, they often roll their eyes and exclaim, “Mom! Really? Did you have to tell the world about that?”

Well, no. Of course not. But then again, why not?

So yesterday morning, as I rubbed the sleepy grit from my eyes, my second Princess was busy pushing toothpaste out of an almost empty tube. Empty because of its use on my face. My face with a— “Mom! That’s huge!”

She’s referring to the teenage-sized zit that screams ‘look at me’ to the right of my nose. “Mom. Tell me you’re NOT going to blog about it. Because that would just be so weird.”

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Gimme One Smore Squat!

In preparation for a weekend with teenagers, I did the essentials:

  1. Read The Hunger Games trilogy, the Twilight series, and watched all eight Harry Potter movies. So wrong. I know. But time was a tickin’.
  2. Next, I rented Glee, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, and X-Men.
  3. Before beginning my movie marathon, I picked up ten bags of potato chips, five cheese pizzas, and three bowls of extra-buttery popcorn. Washed it all down with several bottles of Jones’ Soda and one Super-sized Oreo McFlurry all while bopping to iTunes on my iPod and Oovooing sixteen friends.  Continue reading