What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

 Returned from vacation to find my parents in my living room. They called while we were on route from Acadia National Park, and when your mom asks where your house key is, the first thought is “Yeah!” immediately followed by, “Yikes! Did I leave any dishes in the sink? Did I make my bed? Oh shnappity shnap! I think the clean laundry we didn’t pack is still covering the living room carpet!” Sigh. What can you do? 

I warned mom that the house was not perfect, and she just laughed. This is a good thing. There was a time when my spoons’ drawer [where a fork or two slip into the spoons’ slot while I’m sleeping] frazzled my mother. In fact, after one visit, I found all my spices in a totally different cabinet. The one Mom felt was more conducive to cooking. And she was right. She often is.

Anyway, it’s fun to be at a stage in our adult relationship where I don’t feel the pressure to have my house spotless, and she feels totally comfortable just dropping in and clearing the couch of socks and shirts to make a place to sit down. Something she and my dad rarely do. Sit down that is. 

I knew they were coming. I had big plans to clean the house. Prepare some famous Masala Mama recipes, and even iron my tank top. Okay, the ironing might have been going overboard. But I know what impresses my mom. But I so love that Mom and Dad both came just to see us. No expectations. Just a chance to love on their kids and grand kids. And LOVE they did. They are my ultimate role models in the art of simply loving and serving—generously and joyfully. Dad spent many hours helping Sun manage the Tree House move [*More details to follow] and Mom cooked up a storm before I brewed a pot of coffee. You know it’s bad when your kids are sitting at the kitchen table, imbibing the  smells of curry and rice pudding, bowls and spoons a’ready, and when I cook, I have to scream their names to get them to come and eat. Yup. Everyone loves Mimi’s cooking. My dad most of all. 

As we lay down to sleep last night, my parents’ final evening in New York, Sun and I talked about how this might be our favorite vacation thus far. For many reasons. But I think if I had to pick one, it would be about the relationships. We had a lot of fun at Soulfest; soaking in four days of non-stop music is near heaven for both hubby and I, but chatting with the artists, campers, and fellow music lovers and hearing their stories—that’s what made the week so special for both of us. Then when we drove over to Maine and Acadia, we met more friendly folks: campers, hikers, bikers and sun-worshipers. Plenty of story-swapping as we shared the ocean views, lakeside picnics, and breathtaking sunrises. One sunrise actually. But possibly the most amazing sunrise I’ll ever seen in my life.

So when we arrive back in New York, mixed feelings sprinkle the air like the drizzle on our windshield of the storm we just missed. The weather was nearly perfect during our two weeks away. The pace of our days active and restful. And the popovers that came highly recommended were scrumptious *yes, I tried one! But in the end, what we won’t forget about the last two weeks is the people. Looking forward to keeping in touch with all our new friends and who knows? We might just meet again on our next trip to Acadia. Because we plan to return. A story for a novel based in Maine stirs in my heart. Sunrise over Bar Harbor or something fun like that. 

More on SoulFest 2012 and Acadia Adventures to follow. Just wanted to tell the world Masala Mama is back and writing. So dust off your laptops and make sure to visit weekly again for updates on waterfall findings and gem discoveries. My treasure chest continues to overflow. With memories of good times, pictures of creation alive, and best of all: new friends to love.

**IF you LIKED this POST, you MIGHT want to check out Chip’s Blog today on the difference between “Success and Significance.” My agent continues to amaze me with his very candid and poignant views on life and significant living. So glad he’s in my treasure chest! 

What about you? What do you treasure about vacation? Who’s in your treasure chest? 

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  3. Did you guys take a lot of scenic photos while you were in Acadia? All my photo friends always tell me that Acadia is A MUST SEE PLACE and that I must go take pictures there! lol