Acadia: A Panoramic Perspective

Several friends have asked if we took any pictures while we we visited Acadia National Park this summer. The sunrise and sunset pics on Cadillac mountain were some of my favorite moments, but Acadia is huge. We only had four full days, and explored the park by foot, bike and kayak, taking pictures that I believe only capture a glimpse of the incredible beauty that surrounded us. It certainly didn’t hurt that we had four days of sunny, breezy, nearly bug-free adventures. And the one night I sat to stargaze, a brilliant comet sped across the sky, like the sprinkles on top of a perfect day. 

Swimming Through Clouds

Some things are worth waking up for… Cadillac Mountain, Acadia. Note the clouds on the ocean!

When a good friend offered to lend me a book on Acadia National Park [Thanks Caitlin!], I was thrilled. But our chaotic life allowed us one opportunity to pick it up: just as we began driving out of Locust Valley. We spun by her house and she drove up seconds later. She gave us one piece of advice on Acadia before we got back into the RV to officially start our summer vacation: “You have to try the Popovers at Jordan Pond.” Um. Okay.

I think I’m the only member of my family that can read in a moving vehicle without getting nauseous. Thus for years, I was the designated Map Navigator. When our beloved GPS came along [a gift from two very special friends from our med school days: Thanks Andy and Linda!!] I thought I was finally relieved of my job. Unfortunately, the GPS, like every electronic toy out there, has the propensity to malfunction at the most unexpected moments. Like when you’re supposed to take a major exit or else end up in Alaska. Yes. This is why hubby purchased not one, but two, road maps and atlases for those times when we need a second opinion, sort-a-speak.  Continue reading

What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

 Returned from vacation to find my parents in my living room. They called while we were on route from Acadia National Park, and when your mom asks where your house key is, the first thought is “Yeah!” immediately followed by, “Yikes! Did I leave any dishes in the sink? Did I make my bed? Oh shnappity shnap! I think the clean laundry we didn’t pack is still covering the living room carpet!” Sigh. What can you do? 

I warned mom that the house was not perfect, and she just laughed. This is a good thing. There was a time when my spoons’ drawer [where a fork or two slip into the spoons’ slot while I’m sleeping] frazzled my mother. In fact, after one visit, I found all my spices in a totally different cabinet. The one Mom felt was more conducive to cooking. And she was right. She often is. Continue reading