To Sleep, Perchance to… Snore

© Sarrobi | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© Sarrobi | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Growing up, most girls had their “Must be” lists, you know the ones. With their top five or ten deal breaker attributes their future spouse must be.

Must be hot, as in six feet tall, manicured nails, perfectly tan, and a cross between Liam Hemsworth and Ashton Kutcher with George Clooney’s eyes.

Must be funny, but not be constantly making fun of me.

Must be educated.

Must be able to do laundry, wash dishes, and take out the garbage.

Must be all about me.

I had a different list. Can’t be. As in…

Can’t be a doctor. I know what you’re thinking. But, your hubby, he’s a doc. Well, he wasn’t when we got married. He was a med student.

Can’t be too serious. Life is serious enough on its own.

Can’t be all about himself and his ethnic background. I love diversity.

Can’t be unforgiving every time I mess up. Because I will. Mess up.

Can’t be a snoring sleeper. Possibly the most important criteria on my list.

You see, I grew up, hearing my dad snore. Continue reading

From A to ZZZs


That’s what I woke up with on my mind.Sleep.

If you’ve known me for a day or a decade, you know that I’m a pretty chillax kinda gal. Not too much ruffles my feathers. And half the time, my feathers are under a pile in an organized mess. Yes. I have never gravitated to the Type A personality types, but I married a semi-Type A guy. The kind who doesn’t mind Spring Cleaning and prefers his dress shirts all facing the same direction. I still remember that fight from newlywed days. 

“My shirts are facing each other,” Hubs says one morning while getting ready for work.

“And??” I see no problem.

“That’s not gonna work.” At least that’s what I remember him saying. 

“If it’s that important, do it yourself.” That was me in my newbie married days when my mouth moved much faster than my brain. Not much has changed in that respect, but Hubs has changed. He doesn’t expect me to hang his shirts, iron his shirts or even wash his shirts. Problem solved.  Continue reading

It’s all about…

Hubby comes into the bedroom on January 1st morning and takes my hands that are trying to make the bed and twirls me to the music pumping from the living room stereo.

“I made one new year’s resolution for 2012! To dance with my baby more!”
I giggle. He’s always been the morning person in our marriage.
Then he says, “I made one for you too.” He has been awake for over an hour. He’s had time to think this over. I inhale the scents of fresh coffee and eggs.   Continue reading