Free Chocolate!

Several months ago, I attended a school fundraiser at the last second to connect with local parents and staff and enjoy a much buzzed about event, the Parent’s Night Out. And because we had plans to travel the following morning, hubby was home packing when I walked into the Glen Cove’s Soundview restaurant, alone.

In general, I don’t have a problem going places by myself. I don’t do it often, but I’m a chatty extrovert so I planned to enjoy the company of Locust Valley parents for a bit, then join hubs in tying up loose ends for our trip.

At the door, I spontaneously bought $20 worth of raffle tickets. When I approached the bags of gifts, I instinctively put two tickets here, two tickets there, and continued to distribute the arms length of tickets into as many prizes that sounded fun to win. Prizes included tickets to Broadway shows, Six Flags, Hershey Park, and even a month of free Pilate’s lessons or something like that. There were a lot of options on the prize table, and my tickets only stretched so far. Then I joined a few friends for a drink.  Continue reading

Sushi, Stomp, & Something Sweet

Love walking around the City! Shake Shack,
we’ll come back for you next tme…fo sho! 

So we started out our NYC Operation Birthday Date by driving into the city, and during our hour plus commute from Locust Valley to Manhattan, we debrief and deflate, one of the gifts of marrying your best friend. I still remember my high school English teacher Mr. Quick referring to this human gift as a “sounding board,” surely a reference to some famous poem or literature. [Will look it up when my energy supply rises back to normal levels.]

Earlier in the day, I simply asked hubby to please cooperate with tonight’s plans. It was my “Follow the Leader” after all. And after a fashion crisis (yes, guys have those too,) changing from casual to less casual shirt, and then from his runners back to his dress shoes, we are on the road, in our Honda Accord with no a.c. Hubs tried to fix it, but there must be another leak since the freon only lasted a day or two. Nothing like natural cooling with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing through your hair and the scents of New York floating into your air space.  You know—that familiar combination—smog of taxi cabs, cigarette smoke of pedestrians, and ethnic food of all sorts.  Continue reading

A Chocolate-Covered Sunset

Fortunately for you, the Anniversary date day isn’t over yet. So neither is the story. [Btw, Thanks for coming back!!]

Unfortunately, walking back to Battery Park Pier after visiting the 9/11 Memorial, lingering emotions settle like seeds blown from a dandelion. Never truly finding their home. Just accept that the memories of that day will always make me sad. Sigh.

Fortunately, we hold hands and walk briskly toward the water, excited about the rest of the evening.

As we get in line for the water taxi, hubby reevaluates our schedule. Is there still time for a spin around the Hudson River before dinner and the show? There will have to be. Because we’ve only hopped on and hopped off once and that is just not acceptable for the Hop on/Hop off Dealio we signed up for. Continue reading

Confessions of a Post-Lent Chocoholic…

It’s been 17 days since Easter and I’ve eaten at least 17 sweet items. I confess here. Then I plan to 180 it back to my pre-Lent mode with a dash of moderation, because I realize now that I am one Hershey’s kiss away from turning into chocolate.

Don’t Do This When You Give up Chocolate…Just Don’t

As I thought of the challenges that I’ve faced in this last month, the hardest one has definitely been saying goodbye to my Grandma, who was affectionately referred to by all as “Biji” or “Mother.” I still have my moments. Especially when my ears crave just one more listen of her sarcastic commentary on life and all around her. Days before she passed, she made fun of my mispronunciation of a word in Punjabi. We laughed for several minutes as she gave me yet another grammar lesson over the phone. And then after she told about all fifteen body parts that ached, she said, “Other than that, I’m good.” And we laughed some more. Sigh. Will miss her. A lot. 

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has reached out to my family and me during this sad time. The physical and virtual hugs have all been received and help. More than I can express in words.

So as I sat alone in my house for the last couple of days after returning from the funeral, I’ve spent a lot of time reading since writing takes energy. 

But today, I feel ready to write. Something. Hope it makes you smile and reminds you that you’re not the only one out there who does silly things after you make a hard decision. Continue reading