Tough Mudder 2012—Team Stunads in Motion

Back for Day Two of a look at the Tough Mudder 2012 at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Thought I’d take a whirl at my movie editing skills [just a newbie but enjoyed the simplicity of iMovie,] and piece together a short film (less than 7 minutes) of what hubby and Team Stunads went through. The piece starts with the motivating voice of Sean Corvelle, a guy who could convince you to jump off a cliff over a waterfall and smile while doing it. He is just that enthusiastic! Anyway, enjoy and come back for one last story at the end of the week that will feature more pics and an up close and personal with what treasures the team members walked away with. Just so thankful they did all cross the finish line. Still walking!! Continue reading

A Backwards Sunny Jig Across the Finish!

[Introducing Guest Blogger Santhosh “Call me Sunny” Paulus…A.K.A. hubby, hubs, hubster, Sunshine, hotty hubs…you get the picture. With a few minor edits by the wifey.]


Beautiful Day for a Run!

Have you ever been so excited about something that you woke up earlier than your alarm clock is set for? Maybe it was because you couldn’t wait to do something or you were nervous about it. Well, Saturday March 24th was one of those days for me.

Woke up at 5:35A.M. and I forced myself to go back to sleep, but by 5:50, the birds outside my bedroom window were so loud, I just got out of bed. I was excited, and I had no idea how the day would turn out.  Continue reading

Why Do You Run?

When I was little, I played tag with my neighbors, friends and my baby sister. It’s what you do when you’re a kid and it takes the least amount of debating when there’s a lot of kids who want to play.
I could run pretty fast back in the day. So as I entered my elementary years, I joined the track team. I ran in the 100 meter dash and I was usually leg three of the four member relay race. I still remember the jitters like it was yesterday over the fear of dropping the baton during a transfer. I never did. But not one race went by that I didn’t worry. 

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Two years ago, I crossed an item off my bucket list when I completed my first triathlon. Something I always wanted to do, I trained for several months, ending the last weeks leading up to race day by biking the ten mile route, jogging the three mile course and swimming laps in the bay. This worked as an effective mental training since I eliminated most unknowns of the course, although the murky water of Oyster Bay still held possible mermaids and loch ness monsters. You can’t see a thing when you’re in there. Continue reading

Gimme One Smore Squat!

In preparation for a weekend with teenagers, I did the essentials:

  1. Read The Hunger Games trilogy, the Twilight series, and watched all eight Harry Potter movies. So wrong. I know. But time was a tickin’.
  2. Next, I rented Glee, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, and X-Men.
  3. Before beginning my movie marathon, I picked up ten bags of potato chips, five cheese pizzas, and three bowls of extra-buttery popcorn. Washed it all down with several bottles of Jones’ Soda and one Super-sized Oreo McFlurry all while bopping to iTunes on my iPod and Oovooing sixteen friends.  Continue reading