That One Thing … My First Christmas


[In Case you missed the FIRST PART to this story…]
If you’ve read my blog for this past year, or even for a few weeks, you’ll see that I don’t worry much about being out there. I’m very much a wears her heart on her sleeve type of gal, and I find that although I risk embarrassment, humiliation, and the occasional reprimand, the benefits outweigh the side effects. Sure, I might come across as quirky, crazy, or even a freak, but I assure you. I am not alone. You’re just as nutty, even if you’re hiding behind your laptop screen or iPhone. And I don’t mind meeting you on this side of cyberspace, letting you take a glimpse here and there of the madness of the worlds that swirl around in my head and heart. Because, ultimately, writing helps me to process, file, and move on. And I hope that my stories and words help you to know that you’re not alone. Because life can be lonely.

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Wreck it Raj

Sitting in the theater last night as I watched the credits roll, something gnawed at me. I liked the ending of Wreck-it Ralph, but I hated the last line. It’s the writer in me. I thought the actual final words were weak.The decision to spend the evening at the movies came after a week of persistent bugging from the kiddos. Didn’t hurt that Hannah had a Fandango gift card to offset the cost.
So when Hubs texted that he was almost home, I pressed send and the handy-dandy iPhone5 received the digital code for a paperless ticket to the land of make-belief.I love the concept of Wreck it Ralph. The idea that the characters inside video games are real and have feelings and actually live secret lives of drama and consequence once the lights go out in the arcade. I love how the movie spanned generations of games and technology and cameo’d my favorite hopping blast from the past… Q-Bert!!