Top Ten Healthcare Questions You Didn’t Think To Ask Me



In light of the first Government Shut Down in eighteen years, I felt compelled to write a post on #healthcare. Since I’m married to a doc, I hear the other side of the story all the time. 

Healthcare reform is all the wrong hands. 

People making the decisions don’t even have a medical background. 

 Now we get paid more for keeping people out of the hospital. Oh, you’re bleeding? Put some pressure on it, take two Aspirin, and you’ll lose five pounds by Wednesday. 

Sure, I suppose that last one I might have taken a little liberty on the interpretation.

 But, I’m not the best patient either. In fact, I just returned from my first physical in like five years, and I can honestly say that healthcare is going to pot.

*NOTE: this is not a knock on my physician. I love her. She’s smart. Funny. And never once, okay, maybe once she reminded me that I haven’t seen her in a long time. BUT, the overall experience was rather disappointing. And here’s why: Continue reading