Treats and Tweets make Summer Sweet!

No substitutions. Restricted to U.S. residents.

No substitutions. Restricted to U.S. residents.

Nope. Not changing from YAfiction to Poetry, so my rhyming skills will MOSTly stop at the title. BUT,

You must know,

If you go,

To PlaylistFiction dot com,

Su-weet stuff from TOM-

-my Hilfiger is waiting to be won!

And you don’t even have to run

a marathon or climb a wall

or dress up for a ball

or go to the mall.


hashtag: #playlistfiction

hashtag: #playlistfiction

If you pop over to Twitter Thurs night,

With a post-it pad ready to write

a little note and tweet it too,

you could win some book swag, yes YOU!

AT least SIX giveaways, starting at 8

PM Eastern Standard Time, Don’t be late!

T-shirts, books, CD’s and more!

And get the inside scoop, while you score—

Treats and sweets and meets galore.

And here ends the worst poem ever written but I hope it works.
AND you pop by to enter (as many times as you like) to win our Summer Time Grab Bag!

AND mark your calendars – Thursday night! July 11th. 8:00pm EST! For the Twitter Event of the Summer! Holly Starr, KW Walton and Amy Parker will be stopping in to hang with us, so don’t miss out!

Hashtag #playlistfiction 

Meet, I mean, Tweet you there! :)

Don’t forget your Post-its! Your Wit! and your Cyber-Smile! :)


Ever been to a Twitter Party? And just watched from the sidelines? Any advice for this First-Timer?





The Signs of Life

Photo Credit: Web MD Report on Head Bugs
Got a text this morning that rang up there on my list of a mothers’ worst nightmares. 
“All the girls have lice!” 
I was in shock. They just left a few days ago. I gave them all haircuts two days before. They all washed their hair the night before the trip. They wash their sheets and blankets often. Sometimes twice in one week. They’ve been out of school for over two weeks now. How did this happen?
For a mom of four girls with heads full of thick black hair, often wearing it long, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner. 
I have no experience with lice. I don’t recall ever having it, but I guess I should call my mom up to double check about my younger years. I don’t even know what lice looks like. 
And there in lies the first problem. Continue reading

Summer Daze

Spent yesterday giving the girls summer haircuts and pumping up a nice sized blow up pool to battle the summer heat. Love all their new looks and so thankful for my neighbor’s air compressor. I would have passed out if I used the bike pump for more than ten minutes. Now if I could just figure out a way to rig the pool to stay put at the bottom of the tree house slide, we’d have a water slide presto! Just not sure how safe it would be as of yet. 

The last time we tried to rig a Mr. Turtle pool at the bottom of the slide, even padded the interior for a soft landing, poor little light-weight Sarah landed in the pool and popped right out, onto the driveway, on her little bottom. Ouchie! Not exactly how we had hoped it would work. This pool is much larger and the blow up walls taller and better barriers for potential crashing. Hmmm? For now, we’ll leave it on the driveway until I think of a plan that passes Hubby’s safety inspection. He wasn’t too happy when he heard about Sarah’s sore tush. Yeah. This mommy needs to hang up her engineering hardhat and keep her day job. 

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