A Chocolate-Covered Sunset

Fortunately for you, the Anniversary date day isn’t over yet. So neither is the story. [Btw, Thanks for coming back!!]

Unfortunately, walking back to Battery Park Pier after visiting the 9/11 Memorial, lingering emotions settle like seeds blown from a dandelion. Never truly finding their home. Just accept that the memories of that day will always make me sad. Sigh.

Fortunately, we hold hands and walk briskly toward the water, excited about the rest of the evening.

As we get in line for the water taxi, hubby reevaluates our schedule. Is there still time for a spin around the Hudson River before dinner and the show? There will have to be. Because we’ve only hopped on and hopped off once and that is just not acceptable for the Hop on/Hop off Dealio we signed up for. Continue reading

Fourteen Reasons I ♡ My Hubby!

Today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary! Seems like just yesterday I was looking at Sun across the walkway in front of Niagara Falls, wondering if this cute boy four years younger than me might give this crazy girl a chance. 

I really love this man…so much more than words can say. So brace yourself for a love splat of a blog all! 
You’re the reason I’m smiling Babily!! 
My Dearest Santhosh, 

I love you because…

1. You make me laugh. Still. And get me to laugh at myself. Doesn’t take much.

2. You dance with me. Even when you’re not the biggest fan of slow dancing. You also dance crazy sometimes just to entertain me and the girls.

3. You buy me chocolate and flowers. For no reason sometimes. 

4. You forgive me. Daily. Sometimes many times in one day. This should be number one. Continue reading

A Princess and Her Castle…

Spent hours at the beach yesterday on the peaceful south shore of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Sat on my folding chair for awhile and just watched the girls jumping the waves on their boogie boards with my littlest next to me, digging scoops of perfectly wet sand into her red bucket. When the pail was almost full, Sarah put aside her yellow plastic shovel, lifted the red container to eye level, and tipped it over in her first attempt to make a sand castle. 

Whimpering from disappointment, she asked, “Why didn’t it work Mommy?”
“Let’s try it again.” I got off my chair and sat with her, and together we refilled two pails and packed the sand down firmly and hubby and I coached her how to tip closer to the ground, quickly. Speed was key. And to her giggling delight, it worked! She had already collected several seashells to decorate her castle. Cuz that’s what a girl loves to do. Once she has her castle, she has to furnish it. And make it her own.  Continue reading

Life is Dangerous…Live Anyway!

 Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, tears his ACL during playoff game #1 against the Sixers and is done for 2012 NBA season.

New York Yankees’ Joba Chamberlein hurts ankle while playing on trampoline with five year old son and is out for 2012 season.

New York Knicks Jeremy Lin recovering from knee surgery and now rookie Iman Shumpert is out for eight months after tears to his ACL as well as a lateral meniscus.

Life is dangerous. Each of these players knows. They’re hurting now. But, the truth is, they probably have the option to come back. Hopefully make their game stronger. And play some more. 

When hubby and one of his best friends trotted off to catch the shuttle bus over the the Pocono Raceway for their first Tough Mudder competition, I can’t lie. I was a little nervous. The description and videos of the event included obstacles involving fire, electrical shocks, ice water, climbing walls, and dark tunnels. The twelve to thirteen mile course is broken up with these army-simulated challenges that you cannot complete apart from your team.  Continue reading

To Turkey or Not to Turkey…

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Asked a doctor friend of mine what his two cents of advice would be to all of us so we don’t come out of this holiday season looking like the bird we just baked. 
He said, “I tell my patients to remember that these occasions are called ‘holidays,’ not ‘holi-weeks’ or ‘holi-months.’ Pass another cookie.”  Continue reading